How can we help?

Below are some commonly asked questions. If you still need to contact us, please give us a call or send us an email.

Getting started

How much do the vending machines cost? 

Vending machines are owned by Coke Vending. We will deliver, install, service and maintained free of charge. Our machines are replenished by qualified Coke Vending personnel. 

What is included in our ‘all-inclusive’ service? 

Coke Vending will Supply and install the vending machine (vending machines are owned by Coke Vending), Stock and replenish the vending machine, provide ongoing service and maintenance and provide you with an overview of the machine’s sales performance upon your request

How do I get started with your service?

It’s as simple as a phone call or email to our 24/7 Customer Contact Centre. A friendly and experienced Sales Representative will be in contact to assist you in deciding which machine solution will best suit your needs.

What types of machines to you have?

We offer beverage (bottle and can), snack machines and combination machines (beverage and snack). Need something a little different? Give us a call, we’re happy to discuss.

Do you have healthy options?

Yes. Over recent years there has been a growing demand for healthy options as consumers seek greater choice. Because of these shifting preferences we have a great range of tasty, guilt free options to cater to all tastes. 

How do I know which vending machine to choose? 

Depending upon what you are after, choosing the right vending machine can be a challenge. 

With over 40 years’ experience in the industry we are well equipment to help you make the right decision for your workplace. A friendly Coke Vending representative will ensure the most suitable vending machine is installed.

Who will I deal with? 

A helpful Coke business development executive will help in choosing all the way through to the machine being up and running, vending quality products. The service doesn’t stop there! Our experienced and friendly team are committed to looking after all your vending needs long after the machine has been installed.

Need assistance after hours or weekends? 

Our Customer Contact team operate 24/7 and ready to take your call should you have any enquires or have any concerns. 

How long would it take to receive a machine? 

We will work with you to determine a mutually agreed time and we will deliver a machine to you ask quickly as possible. Depending upon the type and size of the install that can be anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks for larger, multiple machine installs.

Do we have to sign a contract? 

We only ask that you sign an agreement which outlines the terms of our relationship just so everyone is comfortable. 

Support & maintenance

How are the machines replenished / restocked? 

Our aim is to keep our vending machines always in stock. As they are on-line, they automatically tell us when it’s time to restock. If there is day or time that suits you better, let us know and we can accommodate. 

How will I know who enters our premise?

Part of our service to you is to ensure anyone entering your workplace is qualified and highly skilled to perform the task, including completion of relevant inductions and have up to date insurances. 

What if there is a fault with my vending machine? 

The on-line monitoring of machines means we will know about faults early on. But if you need to report a fault, each machine has a unique number. Simply call our 24/7 Customer Contact Centre a call and we’ll get someone out as quickly as possible. 

How quickly can the machines be fixed?

Our aim is to keep our vending machines online and working. Depending on the seriousness of the fault, a Coke technician will generally respond within 4 hours of being notified of a hazard or major breakdown.



What payment types do the machines take?

Our machines accept cash and coin, credit cards (chip or swipe) including Master Card and Visa Card and contactless through Apple Pay and Android Pay. Another great reason to choose us is, unlike some other operators we DO NOT charge customers a surcharge for any cashless methods of payment.

How do you monitor payments? 

Coke Vending machines are online. This means all transactions are monitored, transparent and auditable. We also engage a third party for all cash management services which means highly secure and transparent cash handing services. 

Do machines require any special power? 

No, vending machines run on 240volt, 10-amp power. 

What if someone loses money in a machine?

In the event this occurs the consumer can call our 24/7 Customer Contact Centre. The team can arrange a refund and if required, ensure an appropriate technician is alerted to attend the machine. 

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