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Our group strategy

Our group strategy

Our Group strategy is our blueprint for success.

It positions us to capture growth and deliver long-term value. We know that our markets will continue to change. We are confident in our ability to adapt and adjust to capitalise on opportunities and address challenges as and when they arise. As a Group, we are focused on two overarching objectives – Perform and Grow. The success of both is built on a foundation of a Strong Organisation.



The Perform objective is guided by our Shareholder Value Proposition and is our primary day-to-day focus. The three strategic pillars within this – Lead, Execute, Partner – were defined as part of our 2014 strategic review and are the basis on which our businesses structure their plans.


Strengthen Category Leadership Position

  • Leading brands in each of our major categories in each market
  • Up-weighted levels of innovative marketing continually strengthening brand equity
  • Evolving portfolio that adapts to changing consumer preferences


Step Change in Productivity and In-Market Execution

  • World-class customer servicing capability
  • Route-to-market that provides customer diversification and competitive advantage
  • Effective leverage of our large-scale, low-cost manufacturing, sales and distribution capability


Better Alignment with The Coca-Cola Company and Our Other Brand Partners

  • Shared vision of success and aligned objectives
  • Joint plans for growing System profitability
  • Balanced share of risk and rewards

We are a strong organisation with a proven ability to adapt and capitalise on opportunities to further grow our portfolio of brands and businesses. Our growth agenda positions us to deliver long-term sustainable returns to our Shareholders.

Our ambition is to be a Regional Beverages Powerhouse. To achieve this, we are looking to be ‘the leading beverages business in the ASEAN and Oceania region’.

Our growth agenda seeks to maximise opportunities and position us to deliver long-term sustainable returns to our Shareholders. We have a clear growth platform that focuses on:

Growth within categories

  • Innovation with our brand partners and selective Mergers and Acquisitions in existing and new beverage categories
  • New beverage categories in existing markets

Growth across geographies

  • Entering new geographies in existing beverage categories
  • Immediate focus on South-East Asia and Oceania based on our current operations, future growth prospects and potential for synergies

Growth along the value chain

  • Vertical integration and extensions of our existing value chain in current geographies – increasing the role we play in getting our great beverages into the hands of consumers

Strong organisation

Our ability to deliver our performance and achieve our growth aspirations is underpinned by a Strong Organisation with strong, accountable businesses, a One Amatil mindset led by the Group Leadership Team and a lean Group centre that safeguards and shapes our future.

In 2019 we accelerated the implementation of our Strong Organisation through divestment of the SPC business and announcement of the integration of Alcohol & Coffee into each of our geographies. This has simplified our manufacturing model, strengthened our customer focus, and improved our emphasis on our Beverages Powerhouse ambition.

A One Amatil mindset

We believe the Group Leadership Team has a shared accountability for a One Amatil mindset so we are making decisions that are in the best interests of Amatil overall. There are many opportunities to share learnings, leverage expertise and share services.

A lean group office

An essential component of our model is a lean Group Office, which provides functional leadership to support our businesses and a One Amatil approach to safeguarding and shaping our future. This ensures we operate in line with the expectations of our Board, realise our ambition of becoming a Regional Beverages Powerhouse and create long-term value for Shareholders and for society.