Diversity & inclusion

Diversity & inclusion

Overwhelmingly, our 12,000 employees tell us that the best thing about working at Coca-Cola Amatil is the people that they work with.

We come from all walks of life, across many cultures and backgrounds.

It is important to us that we provide a safe, open, diverse and inclusive workplace where our people are energised by what we can and do achieve together – creating millions of moments of happiness and possibilities every day. 

We’re proud to have employees who reflect the wonderfully vibrant and diverse consumers, customers and markets we serve. Engaged people are our greatest asset and critical in remaining a strong organisation that performs and grows.

We expect every individual to role model our values in their decisions, actions and behaviours that will drive an inclusive culture. With this commitment, we know that we will continue to create a workplace where our people can be their best and deliver their best performance every day.

At Coca-Cola Amatil, we recognise that a diverse workforce encompasses gender, ethnicity, age, disability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, family and relationship status, socio-economic background and education. Diversity also encompasses the many ways our people work, their life experience, location, ways of thinking and work experiences. By embracing diversity, we build a team of people who bring their differences to work every day to deliver growth and build a stronger organisation for today, and tomorrow. By embracing the principles of inclusion, we will hold our leaders and each other accountable for a respectful, positive and inclusive workplace.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Framework

Our Diversity and Inclusion strategy and principles aim to leverage our diversity to build an inclusive culture which in turn, will deliver business outcomes and ensure our people feel engaged and valued. Our objectives are aligned to the needs of our business, both at a Group level and for individual businesses, allowing us to meet the needs of our people, customers, consumers, partners, community, and shareholders. This strategy includes our approach to attraction, development, inclusion and retention and is underpinned by our Leadership Capability Framework, our People Pact and Values.

The company has a Gender Diversity Policy that formalises Coca-Cola Amatil’s commitment to gender diversity and inclusion, and it starts at the top. Coca-Cola Amatil’s Board currently consists of eight Directors, three of whom are women. In 2017, Ilana Atlas was appointed as Chairman of the Board, making Coca-Cola Amatil one of only a few ASX listed organisations to have both a female Chairman and Group Managing Director. The Board has set an objective of maintaining a minimum of 30 per cent of Board positions being held by women and have continued to sit well above 30% throughout 2017, 2018 and into 2019, with 37% of the Board positions currently held by women. There is a commitment to maintaining a diverse range of skills and attributes across all types of diversity.