Health & safety

Getting our people home safely to what they love.

At Coca-Cola Amatil, the safety, wellbeing and resilience of our people is a top priority. Our safety first culture strives to achieve and maintain a Zero Harm workplace.

Our core focus is to create a culture of zero tolerance to harm and injury and we are committed to taking all reasonably practical steps to delivering this for our people, empowering them to always put their personal safety, and the safety of their teams first.

This includes:

  • Providing an appropriate safety framework, skills and knowledge based training, information and supervision as is necessary to ensure workers can and do carry out their duties competently and safely.
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining group-wide and site-specific health, safety and wellbeing procedures and programs that aim to continually improve health, safety and wellbeing outcomes.
  • Building resilience in our people by proactively identifying and assessing hazards and risks to our peoples health, safety and wellbeing to eliminate or effectively control risks prior to work being performed

Providing opportunities for our people to participate in and contribute to the decision-making process on health, safety and wellbeing matters in the workplace and promote a positive health, safety and wellbeing culture through consultation, co-operation and co-ordination;

Taking care of the health, safety and wellbeing and resilience of our people is central to our promise of getting our people home safely to what they love. 


We believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility and our Group Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy ensures we are working to the highest standards for all employees, suppliers, contractors and visitors, in keeping with our company values.

Health and wellbeing 

With a dedicated Health, Wellbeing and Injury Management Team, we have developed the Healthy@Amatil wellbeing strategy to ensure that our people are supported, strong and resilient.

Business resilience

Our Business Continuity and Resilience Framework is designed to support organisational resilience across the organisation, ensuring appropriate response measures and contingency planning are business as usual.