Grinders Coffee achieves Australian-first in quality control

Grinders coffee has become the first coffee roaster in Australia to implement new electronic colour sorting technology, as part of its ongoing commitment to quality and innovation.

Grinders coffee has become the first coffee roaster in Australia to implement new electronic colour sorting technology, as part of its ongoing commitment to quality and innovation.

Said Neale Wood, General Manager of Grinders Coffee, “Sourced from a company called ASM in Bologna, Italy, the V400 Electronic Colour Sorter will work in conjunction with our existing quality management processes to ensure that only perfectly roasted, whole beans make it in to every bag of Grinders coffee beans.”

Having already proved highly effective in industries such as rice and grain, Grinders is the first company in the southern hemisphere to use this technology with coffee. The move comes as part of the company’s customer commitment to embrace the latest techniques and technology available from crop to cup, to ensure the best quality coffee.
Thanks to custom modifications, it acts as a final check on Grinders’ roasted beans before they get packed, with a series of 16 cameras, 8 colour and 8 infrared, analysing the size, shape, colour and density of the beans, ejecting inferior product through a series of 288 air ejectors.

“Unlike other technology in use across the Australian coffee industry, the technology allows us to capture foreign materials that are otherwise identical in size and weight to coffee beans. Depending on the recipe, its settings can be changed to accommodate light and dark roasts.

“Interestingly, since we installed the new machine two weeks ago, examination of some of the rejected beans has revealed that despite their completely normal appearance, many have natural imperfections that significantly impact their taste.”

The machine also removes broken beans that have a higher chance of being over-roasted or even scorched when roasted and, due to their incomplete structure, don’t retain freshness in the same way as whole beans.

The machine is now in full operational at Grinders’ Fairfield coffee roasting house and has the capacity to check 5,000 kilograms of roasted beans per hour. Installation took two weeks and was completed over the Christmas period to ensure there was no impact on supply.

The electronic colour sorting technology works in conjunction with Grinders Coffee’s existing quality management systems, which are certified to ISO 9001, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and HACCP
(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) standards, and also include standard pre-shipment sampling for raw coffee, as well as daily tasting and cupping of roasted and packed coffee, conducted by Master Roaster Giuseppe Cianchi (pictured here with the colour sorter), in association with dedicated quality assurance team.

About Grinders Coffee Grinders Coffee House was established in 1962 in Lygon St, Melbourne and has built its reputation on roasting and delivering the freshest coffee flavours, daily.

Grinders has a dedicated team of sales, equipment and service specialists available nationally along with coffee training professionals and state-of-the-art coffee training facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Grinders Coffee sources only the highest-quality green beans from around the world and these include Fairtrade and Organic products.

Grinders Coffee was Australia’s largest roaster of Fairtrade Certified Coffee in 2012, 2013 and 2014. In 2014, it was Australia’s second largest Fairtrade contributor, behind Cadbury’s.

Grinders Coffee House Coffee brands including Grinders, Giancarlo, Romanza and Fix and are sold in cafes nationally and in many large, well-known organisation such as Qantas and Village Cinemas. In 2014, Grinders launched its Master Roasters Nespresso-compatible pods, which are now available in leading supermarkets including Coles and Woolworths. Its portfolio also includes a range of premium single origin teas, and hot chocolate.