Award-winning rum ranges launched in Australia

Two award-winning premium rums ranges have today been launched in Australia

Two award-winning premium rums ranges have today been launched in Australia.

Hand-crafted by Rum Co of Fiji, the super-premium Ratu and premium Bati ranges are blended from globally awarded rums, before being filtered through coconut shell charcoal and matured in specially selected oak barrels in time-honoured tradition. The result is a range of deliciously smooth, distinctively clean-tasting, award-winning rums from paradise on earth, and now available to order in Australia through Coca-Cola Amatil.

Said Managing Director of Alcohol & Coffee, Shane Richardson, “Rum is Australia’s fourth largest spirit category and what’s most exciting for us is that we’re seeing consumers starting to explore the different styles and flavours rum has to offer, and appreciate its versatility. That’s a great driver for growth.

“We’re genuinely excited to be bringing these fantastic quality, award-winning rums to Australia. Already very popular in Fiji, they’re beginning to attract global interest after winning a number of big awards in London and San Francisco, both in 2015 and 2016.

“Outside Fiji, Australia is the first country globally to launch these brands. The reaction from trade and consumers so far has been very positive and we’re looking forward to building Fiji’s credentials when it comes to producing rum of a really phenomenal quality.”

Built on an ethos of authenticity and hard work, the Ratu and Bati brands draw their inspiration – and their identities - from their Fijian heritage. Forged in war, the Fijian culture was protected by the revered leadership of the Ratu, proud chiefs who presided over the community and led the country’s fearsome warriors, who were known as Bati.

Senior Brand Manager Blake Kramer believes the range will appeal to today’s ambitious, energetic drinkers who enjoy exploration and embrace quality. "We believe that our Rum Co of Fiji range brings a unique proposition to the Australian rum market,” he said.

“Our mission is to help consumers uncover this award-winning range of rums and showcase Fiji’s heritage, craftsmanship and quality.”

The super-premium Ratu range includes a five-year-old spiced rum (awarded silver medal, world’s best spiced rum 2016*), a five-year-old dark rum (world’s best dark rum 2016*) and an eight-year-old Signature Liqueur, which was recognised as the world’s best rum in 2015*. The range has been designed with extra age to carry more aromas and a fuller body, meaning it stands up extremely well in cocktails or served over ice.

The premium Bati brand is available in spiced, dark and white, and can be consumed to suit to individual preference, whether it be straight, with a mixer or as a cocktail.

Both brands are hand-crafted by Rum Co of Fiji’s master distiller Liam Costello and a small team of distillers and blenders, who boast a collective 140-plus years' experience in producing world-class rums.

Said Liam, “In the past there’s been a perception out there that rum isn’t for everyone but we
believe that in our range there is a rum for everybody. We aim to make rums that are well-balanced,
with a soft, smooth and creamy mouthfeel.”

Using hand-cut sugar cane harvested from Fiji’s rich volcanic soil, both rums are distilled using a
combination of column and pot distillation methods, filtered through coconut shell charcoal to
capture the pure taste of Fiji, then matured in specially selected oak barrels in time-honoured
tradition. Finally, every bottle is patiently hand labelled by the distillery’s small and dedicated local

The launch strengthens Coca-Cola Amatil’s position as one of Australia’s leading premium alcoholic
beverages distributors, complementing its already extensive premium spirits portfolio, thanks to a
long-term partnership with Beam Suntory, the world’s third largest spirits company.

Rum Co of Fiji is owned by Fiji’s leading beverages manufacturer Paradise Beverages, which is part of
the Amatil Group.

For more information on Rum Co of Fiji and the Ratu and Bati ranges, go to or follow
Rumcooffiji or Raturum on Facebook.

First launched in Fiji in 2014, the Ratu and Bati brands have won a number of international spirits

Ratu and Bati global spirits awards
Note: Distilled Spirits Awarded

2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Double Gold Medal, Best Coffee Liqueur and Best in Show Liqueur, Bati Rum Mocha Coffee Liqueur
Bronze Medal, Bati Rum Pacific Coconut Liqueur

2016 London Rum Masters Competition
Gold Medal, Ratu Dark Rum
Silver Medal, Ratu Spiced Rum

2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
WORLD’S BEST RUM: Gold Medal, Ratu Signature Liqueur
Gold Medal, Ratu Spiced Rum
Gold Medal, Ratu Dark Rum

2015 London Rum Masters Competition
Silver Medal, Ratu Spiced Rum
Silver Medal, Ratu Dark Rum
Silver Medal, Bati Dark Rum

2015 International Wine and Spirit Competition
Silver Medal Outstanding, Bati Dark Rum
Silver Medal Outstanding, Ratu Spiced Rum
Silver Medal, Bati Spiced Rum
Silver Medal Ratu Dark Rum
Silver Medal Ratu Signature Liqueur
Silver Medal Bati Rum Pacific Coconut Liqueur
Silver Medal Bati Dark Rum.
Bronze Medal Bati Rum Mocha Coffee Liqueur

Tasting notes

Ratu Spiced (40% ABV) – Carries a complex charred oak and citrus aroma. A rich liquorice flavour
combined with the warmth of cinnamon and the softness of vanilla that covers the whole mouth.
Aged for five years in charred oak barrels.

Ratu Signature (35% ABV) – Aromas of zesty orange and dark chocolate with a hint of coffee and
charred oak complemented by a rich mahogany colour. A velvety mouthfeel and coconut, chocolate
and spicy oak, followed by a lingering fresh citrus flavour on the tongue. Aged for eight years in
charred oak barrels.

Ratu Dark (40% ABV) – Carries a savoury, smoky oak aroma. Rich sweetness lingers on the tongue
with dashes of caramel, vanilla and tea leaves. Aged for five years in charred oak barrels.
Bati Spiced (37.5% ABV) – Light gold in colour, this rum has warm, spicy, vanilla overtones and is
subtle to mix or drink over ice. Aged for two years.

Bati Dark (37.5% ABV) – Rich mahogany in colour with intense dried fruit aromas, finishing with
molasses caramel and charred oak. This is a great rum for sipping on ice and as a base for a rum
punch. Aged for two years in charred oak barrels.

Bati White (37.5% ABV) – Gently filtered through coconut shell carbon to ensure it retains the fresh
citrus aroma and soft vanilla oak taste. Enjoy with cola or as a base for your favourite cocktails. Aged
for two years in white oak barrels.


Among the region’s largest employers, Paradise Beverages employs around 300 staff across Fiji and
Samoa across four sites, including its Suva Brewery and Lautoka Distillery.

A leading local manufacturer, its range includes Fiji Bitter, Fiji Gold (Fiji’s number one selling beer),
Vonu Pure Lager and Fiji Premium, as well as a range of Ready To Drink (RTD) products including
Bounty Rum and Cola, and the Tribe range. Its distillery in Lautoka is home to Fiji’s much-loved
Bounty, as well as the globally awarded Fiji Rum Co range. Purchased by Coca-Cola Amatil in 2012,
Paradise Beverages also imports and sells Corona, Carlsberg, Rekorderlig and Pressman’s Cider.

Coca-Cola Amatil purchased the business from SABMiller in 2012, following the latter’s takeover of
Australia’s Foster’s Group Ltd (FGL), parent company of Foster’s Group Pacific Ltd. It was renamed
Paradise Beverages (Fiji) Ltd as part of Amatil’s alcohol beverages strategy for the Pacific region and