Amatil Opens Doors for Three More Great Aussie Start-Ups

Coca-Cola Amatil today announced partnerships with three great Australian scale-ups that have ‘ready-to-go’ ideas to improve delivery efficiency and consumer experience in the Australian market.

Coca-Cola Amatil today announced partnerships with three great Australian scale-ups that have ‘ready-to-go’ ideas to improve delivery efficiency and consumer experience in the Australian market.
Chris Sullivan, Group Director of Partners and Growth at Amatil said pilots had been agreed with Bellr, Snooper and Staybil as part of the second phase of the company’s Xcelerate program, designed to test whether combining emerging businesses with Amatil’s established customer base and supply chain footprint would deliver shared value.

“Xcelerate is a great opportunity for us to support the start-up and scale-up sectors and help grow Australia and New Zealand’s community of ideas,” Mr Sullivan said.

“We look for the best and brightest new talent in the areas of sustainable futures, customer experience and route-to-market. We then work together to build or grow their concepts into outcomes which delight our shared customers and deliver timely, creative solutions for business.

“Working with Bellr, Snooper and Staybil offers them the chance to pilot products and services in conjunction with an established business. And it gives us the opportunity to test ourselves on how we engage with the start-up community to quickly test new solutions.”

Xcelerate is one pillar of Coca-Cola Amatil’s corporate venturing platform, Amatil X, which was created in partnership with technology firm BlueChilli, to identify the best ideas to support our business of today and grow our business of tomorrow.

As part of the program, scale-ups receive access to mentoring, a commercial partnership, and Coca-Cola Amatil’s new Small Supplier Payment Policy which is designed to ensure that small suppliers are not disadvantaged from longer payment terms. Amatil are signatories of the Australian Supplier Payment Code and recognise the importance of healthy cash flows for the small supplier community and their contribution to the overall success of our Australian economy. Laurie Wespes, Founder at Snooper believes that the collaboration with Coca-Cola Amatil is helping to shape the future of crowdsourcing.

“Together, we are building a platform that will help the FMCG ecosystem improve in-store execution and deliver better shopper experiences in Australia and beyond. In only a couple of weeks, Amatil has scaled our solution across five product areas with some of our missions already delivering a 100 x return on investment.”

The three companies joining the Xcelerate program are:

Bellr - a platform for the hospitality industry which help venues and brands attract and retain customers through dynamic venue promotions and tailored loyalty programs, leveraging the emerging trend towards an on-demand cashless economy and increasing use of mobile devices.

Snooper – Snooper is a crowdsourcing platform for brands and retailers, leveraging a community of 35,000 everyday Australians to collect in-store data and share their experience with brands in real-time via our app. Shoppers get paid via the App to take a few photos and answer easy questions about in-store execution, while FMCG companies get instant access to actionable insights through a dedicated online dashboard.
Staybil - drives operational efficiency by leveraging the combined power of machine learning and enhanced modern mobility. Staybil's optimisation engine utilises existing but often underutilised enterprise data to drive improvement, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs. Staybil also optimises static and dynamic workforces for medium and large location-based organisations and consults on infrastructure optimisation to combat urban congestion.