Welcoming Kids@Work

Kids@Work gives employees’ kids the chance to see where their parents work and make new friends.

Coca-Cola Amatil is committed to providing a flexible and family-friendly workplace. This is not only good for our people but good for business; helping our people balance work and family commitments drives productivity and efficiency, which helps attract, engage and retain a world-class workforce.

Kids@Work is a supervised on-site activities program aimed at children aged 3 to 12 years old and recognises the additional challenge presented by the school holidays.

Kids@Work gives employees’ children the opportunities to make new friends and meet the people with whom their parents work. It’s also a chance to experience the excitement of going to their parent’s or carer’s workplace.

The idea was the brainchild of Alcohol & Coffee Marketing Director Sally Byrne. Trying to organise care for her two children during the long summer holiday, Sally quickly found other colleagues in the same boat, and the idea was born.

The program was brought to life in an incredibly successful way by the marketing team co-ordinator and event specialist, Robbie Brown, with the first pilot taking place in January 2016, involving around 35 children over five days and run on-site on a roster basis by the 24 parents of those involved.

Uptake and interest in the Kids@Work program has increased every year, and numbers in 2018 were double 2016. When the program was opened up to all Head Office employees in January 2019, it was over-subscribed by 200 per cent. Further expansion is planned to increase the number of places available in future programs.

“We had the parents at ‘hello’. It’s more than simple child-minding. It’s a way for children to connect to that mysterious place their mum or dad disappears to so much.” — Sally Byrne, Marketing Director for Alcohol & Coffee.