On a mission to reduce littering in Fiji

We're using our considerable experience to help support the circular economy.

Coca-Cola Amatil has considerable experience in delivering packaging recovery and recycling programs to help support the circular economy.

Mission Pacific was setup by Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji with financial assistance from Fiji Water and Mothibai Limited to discourage littering and incentivise recycling behaviours. The program has been in operation since 1999.

Members of the public are encouraged to help keep the environment clean by bringing empty bottles to collection centres and receiving a per kilogram redemption on PET and aluminium containers. The PET and aluminium is bundled and sent offshore for processing and recycled into other PET/ aluminium products.

In 2018, to further encourage the right behaviours we focused on two main areas to lift awareness:
  1. Raising Awareness – Mission Pacific invested in media campaigns to increase public awareness of the scheme and the issue of pollution in Fiji. Unfortunately, there is minimal stigma around littering in Fiji, with members of the public routinely throwing their rubbish onto the roadside or river ways. To combat this Mission Pacific produced television commercials, print ads, and billboards promoting responsible disposal of packaging and the Mission Pacific offer for redeemed products.
  2. Successful Partnerships – Mission Pacific has been working in partnership with our retail customers to provide increased collection points for redemption. This has been especially popular with our resort accommodation customers where we offer a pick-up service of collected PET and cans. We are further extending this offer into our petroleum customers with Mission Pacific collection bins on their forecourts.
Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji will continue to support this important local initiative and continue to look for innovative ways to reduce litter and improve recycling rates in Fiji.