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How I create millions of moments of happiness everyday


At Coca-Cola Amatil we operate responsibly in all we do to deliver a positive and lasting environmental legacy. This includes minimising our impact on climate change, from our own operations and through support for community environmental activities.

Ardhina Zaiza, Corporate Communication-CSR Specialist shares her inspiring and fulfilling career journey in sustainability at Coca-Cola Amatil.

Someone once told me that what I do at CCAI is a dream job, and they weren’t far from the truth. I’m a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) specialist, working at Amatil to help protect and restore our natural environment and make sure our company meets its community responsibilities.

That means every day I get to create “millions of moments of happiness” for the people of Indonesia, where I am based. It is incredibly fulfilling to see the big smiles from our CSR program beneficiaries when they receive the Coca- Cola Amatil grants.

Coca – Cola Amatil Indonesia has a focus on biodiversity and the community. This is because Indonesia has high rates of deforestation, water scarcity and unemployment. To address these issues, we are passionate about using the influence of our corporation for positive change, from planting forests to nurturing saplings, providing employment for the local community and educating children on the importance of the environment.

Some of our initiatives which are making a difference are:

  1. We launched Coca-Cola Forest in Lampung back in 2014 and in Badung in 2015, these forests support education initiatives for 7 schools surrounding our Lampung plant. Every month students from these schools come to receive environmental education, help with tree-planting and learn about composting and tree nursing. This way we hope to arm the next generation with knowledge to address environmental problems like deforestation. We also launched Coca-Cola Forest in Bandung, West Java that have a capacity to supply 20,000 baby trees per month to communities tin the water catchment area, and will assist the government’s forest regeneration programs.
  2.  More than 37 million Indonesians lack access to safe water. We also help to improve the quality of life within Karangasem local villages in East Bali by distributing more than 50,000 free bottles of water a year. We’ve also helped build local sanitation facilities .
  3.  Each year we run a Bali Beach Clean up, in partnership with Quicksilver and the local government. Our beach cleanups are extremely popular, and we’ve collected more than 32 thousand tonnes of rubbish since 2007.
  4.  Each year we allocated hundreds of trash bins across Indonesia-particularly in our bottling plant areas, to create environmental awareness and participate in educating people to reduce litters. We partner with local governments to ensure that the bins are placed in strategic areas
  • 2013: 500 unit
  • 2014: 540 unit
  • 2015: 1000 unit
  • 2016: 1200 unit

These are just a few of our initiatives, next on the agenda is a third Coca-Cola Forest, in Semarang, Central Java. This Coca-Cola Forest will combine the concept of the one in Lampung as well as Bandung. It will also have a capacity to supply thousands of baby trees per month to communities.

 These are just some of the fantastic initiatives we are running. It is very real and tangible work, and it has great positive impacts. There's always a challenge that comes with my role as CSR Specialist (just like any other job, of course), including making sure everyone knows what to do to reduce their own environmental impact! But the reward I get from our CSR work is like nothing else I’ve ever done.

 Ardhina Zaiza is a CSR specialist with Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia.

If you’re interested in a career at Coca-Cola Amatil, please visit our careers page.