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Our People: Meet Karan Jaiswal, Digital Partnership Manager


Our people are our greatest asset, and they each have a unique story to tell. Karan Jaiswal, Digital Partnership Manager and Xcelerate founder shares his career experience.

Meet Karan Jaiswal

Pictured: L-R, Chris Sullivan, Group Director Partners and Growth, Karan, Sam Hartstone, Category Manager and fellow Xcelerate founder, Natalie Collins, Head of Emerging Ventures

Hi Karan, what is your favourite beverage and who would you share it with?

My favourite beverage is Coca-Cola No Sugar. I love how it tastes as good as Coca Cola Classic but without any sugar. I would share this with my first manager and close friend Simon who loves his Coke!

Tell us about your career path before joining Coca-Cola Amatil?

I started my career as a Google Search Marketing specialist for one of the large global media companies. Luckily, I fell into the job as I did not have any prior digital marketing experience - it was a great job! . Working across clients such as Apple and Johnson & Johnson, I got a chance to learn about the new and exciting world of Google, Facebook and everything digital.

From there I joined the telecommunications industry working for Optus. I managed their presence on Google, built their first small business digital marketing team, and lead digital innovations.

Why did you want to work with the team at Amatil?

Great people -plain and simple. I am a big believer in leading a happy balanced life and being happy in the mind is my primary objective. When I met my team for the first time I sensed that they were all beautiful human beings and I could see us all working hard but smiling and laughing a lot together. I have been lucky that this prediction of mine has turned out to be a reality.

What does the Digital Partnerships Manager role involve?

My role is brand news at Amatil and sits under the Sales Strategy pillar. At Amatil, we recognise that the evolving digital world is impacting the purchasing habit, behaviours and expectations of our customers and consumers. In order to continue delighting them we must evolve the way we connect and conduct business. My role is to steer our business towards this changing world by understanding business objectives, market trends and new technologies.

How does Sales Strategy partner with the broader business?

The Sales Strategy team sets out the strategic vision for our business, factoring the varied customers such as  Restaurants, Cafes, Grocery  Licenced premises etc). We partner with teams across Amatil to deliver the strategy and create millions of moments of happiness for our customers.

What is the team’s area of focus for the next 12 months?

Over the next 12 months, the team will be focusing on three key points with the RECA space. Growing our net outlet count, increasing our share in these outlets through targeted activation and portfolio innovation and developing a long term digital strategy to sell more beverages through online platforms.

Our People Pact represents the commitment made between Amatil and our employees. Which pillar of the People Pact resonates with you the most and why?

‘Write The Next Chapter’. We are at a critical point in our history where technology is driving rapid changes to the way we live our lives and organise our society. What is our contribution to all of this? How will we shape our company? How can we create new and relevant moments of happiness? These are the questions we must ponder as the answers we will help us to write our next chapter. I am very optimistic about this.

What are your top three tips for being a positive role model at Amatil?

  1. Be happy and smile a lot. Good relationships with people will go a long way
  2. Question everything. Always reinvent the wheel. There is always a better way to every solution. The world is always changing and so must we
  3. Be brave. Speak your mind without fear. Only by equally sharing our opinions and ideas will we be able to win together

How will you enjoy your next annual leave day?

Chilling out doing whatever I feel like on that day!

What is your #onlyatamatil moment and why did it make a difference to you?

My #onlyatAmatil moment was having my business idea selected for the Xcelerate program – an accelerator at Coca-Cola Amatil. It has given me the opportunity to work alongside some of brightest innovators in Australia, flesh out my business idea while still working at Amatil, and think of fresh ways to grow and evolve our company