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Partner for Growth Awards

The Partner for Growth Awards recognise performance, innovation and collaboration by Coca-Cola Amatil suppliers. The Awards were presented on Thursday 30 May at Coca-Cola Place in Sydney. The 2019 Award categories and winners were: 

  • 2019 Partner of the Year
    The top award for an Amatil supplier is Partner of the Year, which recognises excellence in all aspects of the supplier partnership with Amatil. The Partner of the Year delivers on the fundamentals of a supply relationship, alongside best practice engagement and a commitment to shared improvement and innovation.

    The 2019 Partner of the Year is FleetPlus. During 2018, FleetPlus managed a full fleet changeover with over 800 vehicles transitioned across multiple metro and regional locations . FleetPlus also helped Amatil to roll out the On-Demand Driver Score program, Driver Rewards program, driver safety benchmarking and Live Driver Behaviour events, both designed to boost driver safety and compliance.
  • 2019 Partner of the Year for Supply Continuity
    This award recognises success in supplying Amatil with products or services, on time and in full, without disruption to planned operations. Reliable continuity of supply is fundamental to our ability to deliver on our customer commitments, everywhere and every day.

    The 2019 Partner of the Year for Supply Continuity is Orora. In 2018, Orora delivered over 1 billion cans and components within Australia in 2018 with an almost perfect ‘delivery in full, on time’ (DIFOT) score.    
  • 2019 Partner of the Year for Quality
    This award acknowledges partners whose product or service consistently meets or exceeds quality specifications. Amatil relies on quality goods and services to maintain its reputation as the region's leading supplier of quality food and beverages.

    The 2019 Partner of the Year for Quality is Graphic Packaging. In 2018, Graphic Packaging designed a suitable coating for cardboard packaging to limit cartons slipping in transport which led to improved quality and a reduction in breakages and cost. 
  • 2019 Partner of the Year for Innovation and Growth
    This award recognises partners who have demonstrably grown the Amatil business through detailed collaboration and an understanding of our business and its challenges.

    The 2019 Partner of the Year for Growth is FleetPlusIn 2018, FleetPlus created a new way for Amatil employees to understand, track and focus on our safety via electronic logbooks, insight driven platforms and easy-to-use reporting functions.
  • 2019 Partner of the Year for Corporate & Social Responsibility
    The award for sustainability recognises those suppliers who have collaborated with Amatil to drive a positive and lasting impact in either of our four focus areas of business ethics, human and workplace rights, the environment; and providing benefits to communities. 

    The 2019 Partner of the Year for Sustainability is Vivid Technology. In 2018, Vivid Technology helped Coca-Cola Amatil significantly reduce its Co2 emissions in 2018 through the use of their Multi-Award Winning Innovative IoT Systems & CO2-To-Fuel Technologies. This reduction in emission supports our 2020 Sustainability Goal to use 60% renewable and low-carbon energy in our operations.  
  • 2019 Partner of the Year for Competitive Advantage
    This award recognises partners who enabled Amatil to be unique, faster or more competitive in the marketplace.

    The 2019 Partner of the Year for Competitive Advantage is Presfast Printers. In 2018, Presfast Printers halved the price of one of our most common Point of Sale items, created innovative customer pieces and reduced the time between the Agency to Amatil Sales dramatically.
  • 2019 Partner of the Year for Customer Service
    The Customer Service Award acknowledges partners who supported Amatil through active resolution of issues, world class account management and delivery of opportunities for growth. Finalists in this award consistently went above and beyond in upholding Amatil's values.

    The 2019 Partner of the Year for Customer Service is LabelmakersIn 2018, Labelmakers assisted Amatil in ensuring SKU’s (stock keeping units) were all updated for the Container Deposit Schemes rolled out across Australia, delivering outstanding customer service – and helping Amatil deliver on our own customer’s expectations.
  • 2019 Rookie of the Year
    The Rookie of the Year award recognises partners who have been supplying Amatil for less than two years and during that time have provided outstanding customer service and quality, ongoing continuity of supply and demonstrate the Amatil values in the way they work with us.

    The 2019 Partner of the Year for Rookie of the Year is Workplace by Facebook. Over the past two years, Workplace has changed the way Coca-Cola Amatil team members communicate and collaborate. The team at Workplace helped us to reach more than 85 per cent of our people across six markets. The platform delivers access to Leaders across the region, business news, recognition; and it was instrumental in the development of Amatil’s first employee chatbot AVA (Amatil Virtual Assistant).

Coca-Cola Amatil congratulates all winners of the 2019 Partner for Growth Awards. Thanks also to all of our suppliers for helping create the millions of moments of happiness for our customers, consumers and communities.

Partner for Growth

Partner for Growth is Coca-Cola Amatil's supplier engagement framework.

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