The Other Side of Iconic Contour Bottle

To start this year, Coca-Cola reignites its consumers with an exciting campaign called “Romancing the Coca-Cola’s Iconic Contour Bottle”.

To start this year, Coca-Cola reignites its consumers with an exciting campaign called “Romancing the Coca-Cola’s Iconic Contour Bottle”. Similar to the theme, the campaign will be focused to celebrate the classic Coca-Cola contour glass bottle design as the global icon throughout generations. The campaign will be supported with integrated consumer communication and activations, designed to bring out the ultimate experience as well as every unique aspects of this global icon. All of the excitements are aimed to bring more value for the consumers as well as providing them to stay refreshed and ready to uplift their spirits in doing more for themselves.

Amelia Nasution, Marketing Manager Sparkling Coca-Cola Indonesia explained, “Our contour glass bottle has been part of the Coca-Cola’s journey to be a global Icon for more than 125 years. More to that, the icon has been accepted around the world with its distinctive shape and has always been part of many unforgettable moments throughout generations. It is the Icon of Coca-Cola and we want to bring back this excitement closer to our consumers – the excitement to enjoy Coca-Cola from its world-renowned iconic contour glass bottle.”

The tremendous success and growth of Coca-Cola encouraged other competitors to try to imitate Coke by offering bottles with slight variations on the trademarked name and distinctive script logo. Working with our bottlers, The Coca-Cola Company asked bottle manufactures to submit designs for bottle for Coca-Cola that was so distinctive that it could be recognized by feel in the dark ore identified lying broken on the ground. Alexander Samuelson of the Root Glass Company in Indiana designed the distinctive shape and it was patented on November 16, 1915. The bottle was modified and slimmed down and went to broader production in 1916. This contour bottle was the only packaging used by The Coca-Cola Company for 40 years until the king-size package was introduced in 1955. Today it is still the most recognized bottle in the world. Lia Susetio, Senior IMCC Manager Coca-Cola added, “The contour bottle is not about a shape, but rather what that shape symbolizes. It symbolizes the ultimate drinking experience. It allows the consumer to focus on the experience of consumption, providing the consumer a superior refreshment experience, at a multi-sensory level.”

It is designed to triggers the five senses; starting from looking at its unique contour; touching the contour and immediately noticing the curve and the ice-cold temperature; listening to the pop of the cap and the fizz of effervescence when the bottle is opened; smelling the caramel aroma of Coca-Cola; and finally tasting the delicious and refreshing flavor of Coca-Cola. Ice cold Coca-Cola in the contour glass bottle provides deep down refreshment as it provides the ultimate Coca-Cola taste sensation.” As a brand that has been known for more than 125 years worldwide and more than 80 years in Indonesia, Coca-Cola is constantly refreshing its communication theme to improve the relevance of its core elements among teenagers. Come on, let’s stay refreshed and recharged!