CCAI Optimizes Waste Reduction Efforts in Bali's Beaches

Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia and Quiksilver, through Bali Beach Clean Up program, collaborate with PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero), Tbk to optimize waste reduction efforts in Bali’s beaches.

Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia and Quiksilver, through Bali Beach Clean Up program, collaborate with PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero), Tbk to optimize waste reduction efforts in Bali’s beaches. PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk donated two (2) beach cleaning units called Barber Surf Rake that let various type of trash to be swept off the sand instantly. These units will be used to clean up as far as 9.6 km coastline of Jimbaran, Kedonganan, Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak beaches.
"Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia and Quiksilver have been running Bali Beach Clean Up program since 2008, but this year we open our doors to companies such as Garuda Indonesia, who has similar vision in preserving the island," said Bruce Waterfield, Business Services Director, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia. "This partnership means taking our beach clean-up efforts to the next level, and also a symbol that Bali Beach Clean Up has inspired others to play their positive roles for our environment."
The partnership agreement was signed by Business Services Director of Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia Bruce Waterfield, CEO Quiksilver South East Asia, Paul Hutson, and EVP Human Capital & Corporate Affairs PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero), Tbk, Putra Agung Heriyanto in Kuta Beach, Bali, on December 18, 2012.
“Garuda Indonesia remains committed to support many initiatives and programs to preserve the environment. This Bali Beach Clean Up program with Coca-Cola and Quiksilver is definitely one of them. With the growing numbers of both international and domestic tourists visiting Bali each year, Bali becomes one of the important aspects of economic growth in Indonesia. We hope that this program will bring positive contribution to Bali as one of the faces of Indonesian tourism,” says Heriyanto Agung Putra, EVP Human Capital & Corporate Affairs PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero), Tbk.
 “Quiksilver fully embraces the importance of this new partnership with Garuda Indonesia. Our companies are delighted to introduce the world's fastest and most efficient beach clean-up unit to Indonesia. Through this exciting project, we expect cleaner and safer beaches in Bali which will keep tourism arrivals at their peak,” says Paul Hutson, CEO of Quiksilver South East Asia.
Shipped directly from California, USA, Barber Surf Rake is worth over USD 50,000 each. Equipped with a conveyor belt system, Barber Surf Rake is currently the most versatile machine capable of capturing even the smallest objects from the sand such as glass, cigarette butts and pop-tops and depositing them in the hopper, leaving the sand cleaner, safer and more inviting.

Sending Bali back to its pristine condition is not an easy job, and clearly can’t be done by two companies alone. Despite the daily cleaning operations, the garbage condition continues to become a burden, especially during December to March each year (west monsoon). That's why last July 2012, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia and Quiksilver held an eco-festival named
Bali's Big Eco Weekend for the second time in Kuta Beach, where they collaborated with top companies, such as PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk., Hard Rock Hotel Bali, Hard Rock Café Bali, Frigoglass, Meratus Group, Telkom Indonesia, and Pricewaterhouse Coopers, to help keep the beaches clean. The two-day festival raised awareness among the locals and tourists on the alarming environmental condition, and was able to raise over US$ 250,000 for the beach clean-up efforts.
Now, with the two Barber Surf Rake units from PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk., Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia and Quiksilver will continue to develop environmental sustainability program in the island. Over the course of four years, Bali Beach Clean Up has grown to employ 78 beach clean-up crews, investing four tractors, three garbage trucks, and placing more than 300 garbage bins. The program has also expanded to other program, such as Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation (KBSTC) which aims to conserve turtle populations in Kuta Beach. Since the cleaner beaches allow more turtles to hatch their eggs in the beach, KBSTC has managed to rescue more than 16,000 baby turtles and return them to their natural habitat.
Other than that, Bali Beach Clean Up program also runs crews training with R.O.L.E Foundation, along with Eco Mobile program to provide environmental education in schools and remote villages in Bali.
“Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia always believes that Bali is more than just an island. It is a face of Indonesian tourism, and it holds its important share to the economy of the people, as well as the country. That is why we will continue to collaborate with local communities and government to make a better life quality in all areas in which we operate,” closes Bruce.