Coke Kicks 2015

Strengthen the Participation in Character Development of Young Soccer Talents, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia Launch Coke Kicks 2015

Coke Kicks 2015 is slightly different than the previous years, where Coke Kicks was conducted in one full day. This year, Coke Kicks will train the participants to develop their soccer skills for two days. In addition to that, the two-day soccer training will get even more exciting with a mini competition at the end of the training days. The ‘Best Player’, ‘Best of the Best Player’, ’Top Scorer’, and ‘Best Team’ will also be selected from each city where Coke Kicks will be held.
“Slowly but sure, we will develop Coke Kicks to strengthen our contribution to the development of Indonesia’s grass-root soccer talents. Moreover, we also hope that Coke Kicks can also instill the importance of having a positive character in playing soccer,” Kristy Nelwan, Head of Corporate Communications Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia explained. “We believe that positive character is as important as having outstanding skills, because these are the two elements that will determine our future champions. We hope that these two important elements will be firmly built in the Indonesia’s soccer talents through their participation in our Coke Kicks program,” she continued.
In addition, Coke Kicks also conduct trainings for local coaches during ‘Train the Trainer’ session, led by ASA coaches. Through this comprehensive program, local coaches will be enriched with knowledge in coaching soccer, so they can deliver higher quality soccer training for their apprentices.
Lee Hawkins, ASA Technical Advisor, said “Training for coaches is important and it takes continuous improvement to provide proper trainings for the children. Aligned with the Coke Kicks development program, ‘Train the Trainer’ session is more focused on how to support these young talents to develop their technical skills and building a positive character at the same time.”
CCAI’s focus on basic skills training and positive character development has gained positive feedback from Rochi Melkiano Putiray, former squad of Indonesia’s National Team who has extensive experience in soccer, both as a player and a coach.
“By focusing on developing technical skills and positive character, I believe Coke Kicks will be valuable for young soccer talents as well as local coaches,” said Rochi, who is also the founder and coach of R21 and Gelora Putra Soccer School (SSB).

Rochi also mentioned that there is a large number of young soccer talents in Indonesia, but most of them are not aware of it and the talent is not properly channeled. “I hope that Coke Kicks will continue its contribution in building a sustainable achievement of Indonesian soccer.”