Collaboration To Accelerate Productivity

By end of 2015 Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) aims to benefit all 3,000 of its sales force across Indonesia with access to e-Coaching.

By end of 2015 Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) aims to benefit all 3,000 of its sales force across Indonesia with access to e-Coaching, an advance app constructed in collaboration with Microsoft Indonesia that has dramatically improve various elements in the business such as visibility in the market, sales force productivity, engagement with customers (retailers), people development and data accuracy.

“This application ensures our product availability and in outlet execution in order to deliver the best service and best products to customers, which is fundamental to us since CCAI’s vision is to create millions of moments of happiness and possibilities every day for our stakeholders, including our retailers and consumers,” said Deborah Intan Nova (Debbie), CCAI’s HR & IT Director, Thursday at a press conference on the sidelines of Microsoft’s TechDays 2015.

e-Coaching, started in April 2015, replaced a more laborious and time-intensive system where the sales force would have to jot information about retailers, such as the fridges condition and products availability, using pen and paper before manually input the information into the company’s system as they returned to the office. e-Coaching improves data accuracy & efficiency by eliminating manual/paper-based data input, surveys, and duplications while providing CCAI with high-quality information for prompt follow up and further improvements.

“Now, our sales force have a check-list of questions pre-programed in the e-Coaching app available on their tablets when they do their regular visits to retailers. They can review the retailers’ performance and work together with the retailer to improve, also spend more time in the outlet because all data input can now be submitted directly into CCAI’s database via the e-Coaching app,” Debbie spoke further about the benefit of e-Coaching. “By deploying this application, we are definitely supporting our Sales Force to stay committed to our core values: Initiative-ownership, straight forward-open, and today-tomorrow,”

Currently, 400 CCAI sales staff are using the e-Coaching to conduct daily visits on retailers to ensure that in-outlet execution are meeting CCAI’s quality control standards. Full deployment is expected to be completed by November 2015.

“When we talk about our sales force as the front liners of our business, it is all about increasing productivity and maximizing time allocation to focus on much more value adding activities. We continuously seek new ways to transform the way we’re going into the market,” said Patrick Pech, Research and Development Director, CCAI. “e-Coaching, being part of the solution, will allow our sales force to run better management and to be better managed. They will be able to allocate more time and energy to improve other components that are just as important for us in growing our business such as retailers’ engagement, product placement, coolers utilization, and many others.”

This is in line with Microsoft’s vision of getting companies to embrace a New World of Work, where work is a thing you do, not a place you go to.

“More and more people and companies are seeing the need to do work outside the office. Companies that succeed today, and in the future, will be those that are able to provide the appropriate infrastructure for increasing productivity and efficiency even when their employees are not at the office,” said Bernard Saisse, Marketing and Operation Director, Microsoft Indonesia.

CCAI’s e-Coaching app runs on Windows platform. “Microsoft hopes CCAI’s positive experience will encourage more people and companies to design more effective and efficient work environments that can usher in a mobile-first, cloud-first world,” added Saisse.