Coca-Cola Forest Bandung

Following the success of Coca-Cola Forest Lampung that was introduced in 2014, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) launched its second ‘Coca-Cola Forest’ program in West Java.

Following the success of Coca-Cola Forest Lampung that was introduced in 2014, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) launched its second ‘Coca-Cola Forest’ program in West Java. Through tree-nursing program in Coca-Cola Forest Bandung and collaboration with government as well as communities, CCAI aims to plant up to 20,000 trees per month at water conservation areas in West Java.

Attending the launch are President Director of CCAI Kadir Gunduz along with the CCAI management team; West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan; Deputy of Sumedang Regent, Bapak Zaenal Alimin; Head of West Java Environmental Management Agency Anang Sudarna, and community leaders of Cimanggung district. At the launch, CCAI made its first trees donation to the Karang Taruna of Sindulang Village. The trees will be planted at Mount Masigit Kareumbi in Sumedang Regency which condition has been devastating since the recent bushfire last October.

“Water is the heart of our business, and water stewardship is a priority for CCAI. Our Coca-Cola Forest in Bandung is partnering with the government and communities to plant trees in the water catchment areas. We hope to help stabilizing the water supply not just for our plant but its surrounding area, for today and tomorrow," said Kadir Gunduz, President Director of CCAI. “Along with other sustainable initiatives, this is an embodiment of our commitment to grow together with the areas where we operate as a responsible business.”  

Based on the tree-nursing concept, Coca-Cola Forest Bandung will grow baby trees until they are strong enough to be transferred, greater than 6 months, to the selected water conservation areas. Areas selection and transfer process will be running in close collaboration with interest groups from government, community, and association.

To complement the main program, there will be other activities in Coca-Cola Forest Bandung which include recycling plastic bottles into trees container and converting waste from Frestea manufacturing to compost. Five members of local communities employed for Coca-Cola Forest Bandung will run all activities and ensure that CCAI’s commitment in making substantial contributions and empowering communities goes according to plan.

“West Java government appreciates and support the environment and community development initiatives by CCAI through the launch of Coca-Cola Forest Bandung. We hope that the collaboration goes well and make a good example of how private sector, government, and community could join forces in protecting and managing the environment,” said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

Since entering Indonesia nearly 24 years ago, growing together with communities and contributing to the environment have always been an important part of CCAI’s business. CCAI sustainability effort is directed and focused through 4 CSR pillars: the environment, the workplace, the marketplace, and supporting the communities where CCAI operates.

In West Java, CCAI has been supporting community activities surrounding the plant and other facilities by providing education assistance, allocating hundreds of trash bins to help with post-consumer waste management, and promoting active healthy lifestyle through our various sport activities including the annual soccer program, Coke Kicks.