Amatil invests US$20 million in North Sumatra

Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) today launched its newest production line, a US$20 million investment in Medan plant, the company’s largest plant in Sumatra.

Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) today launched its newest production line, a US$20 million investment in Medan plant, the company’s largest plant in Sumatra. The new line will enable CCAI Medan plant to supply more than 150 million bottles of happiness per year to areas across Sumatra Island including Aceh, Riau Islands, Riau province, West Sumatra, and Jambi.

President Director of CCAI Kadir Gunduz officially inaugurated the new facility together with Medan City Mayor Dzulmi Eldin, and Minister of Manpower represented by Director General for Industrial Relations and Social Security Haiyani Rumondang.

“Our investment in Indonesia along 2017 has reached more than USD 90 million,” said Mr Gunduz in the inauguration ceremony today. “Those investments are concrete symbols of our commitment to grow with Indonesia. We believe that, despite the challenges, Indonesia is a market with high growth opportunities and we are optimistic about our future in this great country.”

Earlier this year CCAI launched a 6 hectare facility in Pandaan, East Java followed by an Affordable Small Sparkling Packaging (ASSP) production line in Cikedokan, West Java. The East Java facility houses its fourth Mega Distribution Center after Medan, Bekasi, and Semarang; and second Packaging Service Division (PSD) after Bekasi. The ASSP line in CCAI Cikedokan is the second ASSP line in the world to produce high quality-lighter plastic bottles with glass coating.

Entering Indonesia in 1992, currently CCAI operates 39 production lines in eight plants and employing more than 10,000 workforce to service more than 720,000 customers in traditional and modern market across the country, 120,000 of them in Sumatra region. Northern Sumatra contributes 75 per cent of CCAI’s total production volume through CCAI Medan plant. Built in 5 hectares of land, CCAI Medan Plant houses 5 production lines with total maximum capacity of 114,000 bottles per hour; and a 1 hectare Mega Distribution Centre with maximum capacity of 8,106 pallets or 9,7 million bottles of product.

The continuous commitment to invest on new facilities is strengthened by CCAI’s commitment to invest in human resource capability building. Currently CCAI runs eight training academies in eight functions, providing a total of ~35,000 training days per year. So far there are 46 employees of CCAI Medan plant certified by CCAI Supply Chain Technical Academy (SCTA). One of them is Mulawarman Hutasuhut, the team leader of line 1 which was inaugurated today. Mulawarman started his career with CCAI in 2000 as a line crew and continues to develop with the support of various capability building programs readily available for all of CCAI’s employees.

“We believe that our people is the foundation of our strategy,” Mr. Gunduz added. “We focus not only on building technical capability across functions, but also on developing the leadership capability of our leaders and supervisors. Through the programs, we continuously build a team of people with high level capabilities that can only be found in the most advanced bottling system in the world.”

In the next two years CCAI plans to invest another USD 204 million to better serve the growing market in Indonesia. Simultaneously, CCAI will continue to grow a mutually beneficial relationship with its stakeholders, including the government and local communities.

Governed by four integrated sustainability pillars: People, Wellbeing, Environment, and Community, CCAI has been running various CSR initiatives in its operational areas across Indonesia. Some current programs include; Water Stewardship programs to achieve water neutrality (putting more water back then what we use to produce), Coke Kicks, City Clean-ups (including the award winning Bali Beach Clean Up), and Coca-Cola Forest. Coca-Cola Forest combines trees planting, education, and community empowerment programs, first launched in Lampung (2014), followed by West Java (2015), and Central Java (2017). Since 2014, through Coca-Cola Forest, CCAI has planted more than 6,200 trees and donated more than 300,000 trees to communities.