Promoting a Cleaner Capital

Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia and University of Indonesia Take the Street to Promote a Cleaner Capital

Waste is a problem anywhere in the world, including Indonesia where—every year—the volume of waste continue to increase at the speed of millions of tons. While the government continues to find the best solutions, other parts of communities are also rolling up their sleeves to take part through various environment-related initiatives. The annual Clean Up Jakarta Day (CUJD), since 2013, brings together communities and volunteers to promote cleaner environment by picking up rubbish around the city center.

Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) has been a strong supporter of the program since its establishment five years ago. Every year, numerous CCAI employees would come and support the initiative, along with their family members and friends. Environment is one of the CSR and Sustainability pillars of CCAI, and the company has taken a great length in running similar environment initiatives across Indonesia.

“Waste issue belongs to all of us, and there is always something more that we can do to create positive impact for our environment,” says Mrs. Lucia Karina, Director of Public Affairs and Communications, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia. “A day like this reminds us that every effort counts. We all can make impact in our capacity as part of local government, private sector, communities, and as individuals. Initiatives like Clean Up Jakarta Day is good not only because it promotes cleaner city, it also showcases the importance of collaboration between all parts of society.”

This year, CCAI is teaming up with students from University of Indonesia as another organization that shares a same vision about the environment. Starting the day, CCAI’s employees and University of Indonesia’s students come together to pick up the rubbish surrounding the city center. The participants were asked to separate the recyclables and non-recyclables rubbish to learn more about the importance of recycling. Together, all participants are able to collect more than 111 kg of rubbish which was then officially handed over to the city’s sanitation department.

CCAI Supports for the Environment
Commemorating its 25th years of operation in Indonesia, CCAI has conducted series of City Clean Up program in 8 operation sites across the country. Mobilizing thousands of employees in each area, the program was conducted in collaboration with local government and communities. The City Clean Up adds up to a long list of environment initiatives by CCAI. Some were conducted as adhoc programs, while others were established to go in a long run. The latter include Coca-Cola Forest in Lampung, Bandung, and Semarang, and Bali Beach Clean Up (BBCU). This year CCAI celebrated the 10th anniversary of BBCU and its outcome such as removing more than 35 million kg of rubbish from 9.7 kilometer of shoreline (to date) and helping to release more than 140,000 baby turtles back to the sea.

Governed by four integrated sustainability pillars: People, Wellbeing, Environment, and Community, CCAI has been running various CSR initiatives in its operational areas across Indonesia. Some current programs include; Water Stewardship programs to achieve water neutrality (putting more water back then what we use to produce), Coke Kicks, City Clean-ups, and Coca-Cola Forest. Coca-Cola Forest combines trees planting, education, and community empowerment programs, first launched in Lampung (2014), followed by West Java (2015), and Central Java (2017). Since 2014, through Coca-Cola Forest, CCAI has planted more than 6,200 trees and donated more than 300,000 trees to communities. All the initiatives reflect CCAI’s commitment to invest and support all efforts by the government and communities in building a better future for Indonesia.