Joining Efforts on Workforce Capability Development

Amatil Indonesia and Ministry of Manpower Join Forces on Workforce Capability Development

After inaugurating several infrastructure investments such as production lines and mega distribution centers in the past few years, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) today commemorates CCAI Academy. Built with a vision to bring benefits to the communities, CCAI Academy consists of comprehensive capability development programs to equip the thousands employees of CCAI with necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their career today and, more importantly, in a long run.
“We believe that our people is the foundation of our strategy,” President Director of Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia Kadir Gunduz spoke about human resources development as the key success factor for CCAI as the leading beverage company in Indonesia. “These past couple of years we established academies specifically to sharpen technical and leadership skills for each function in our team. We have developed a replicable and sustainable learning framework for our growth today and tomorrow, and we are very thrilled that today we are able to launch all of those programs under one umbrella: CCAI Academy.”

CCAI Academy is built with Safety and Governance as the foundation of three capability pillars: 1) Functional and Technical—which covers Occupational Health and Safety, Sales General Trade, Sales Modern Trade, Cold Drink Equipment and Services, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Finance, Public Affairs-Communications, Logistic, and Information-Technology; 2) Leadership—for supervisor, junior manager, middle manager, senior manager, and female leaders; and 3) Talent—through which CCAI prepares its graduate trainees and high performing employees to be the future leaders of the organization.

Through various training methods including in class training and online training, in 2017 alone CCAI recorded 56,000 training days, doubled of what the company achieved in 2015.

“Most proud moment for us is whenever we see our team members successfully work their way up the organization ladder because they continuously learn ways to maximize their potentials,” added Mr. Gunduz. Several employees with impressive career history attended the event to share their experience growing with CCAI. One of them is I Made Suardika who joined the company in 1997 as an office boy and relentlessly develop his way up through hard work and continuous learning. He is now the team leader for Cold Drink Equipment and Services team in Bali and Nusa Islands, under his leadership the area become best performer in 2017.

“Now that CCAI Academy is launched, we hope that our comprehensive training programs could benefit not only our employees but also the larger communities,” Mr. Gunduz concluded his speech.

In the launch today CCAI handovers 11 Basic Modules to Director of Competency and Training, Ministry of Manpower Drs. Sukiyo MMPd and Head of South Jakarta PPKD (Vocational Training Center) Letty Lestari. A series of train the trainer sessions by CCAI for PPKD trainers on the 11 modules will take place starting in March 2018.

The commemoration was followed with signing ceremony of CCAI’s new Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) 2018-2020. The renewal of the labor agreement is another embodiment of CCAI’s commitment to actively protect employee’s welfare and promoting human rights trough job creation as well as providing adequate health and social care.