CCAmatil has joined Coca-Cola European Partners, and together we have now become Coca-Cola Europacific Partners.

For more information about our commitments and progress across Western Europe please visit our global Coca-Cola Europacific Partners site, or for information about Australia, Pacific and Indonesia (API) please read below.

Committed Partners

We request that our supplier partners in Indonesia and globally follow Coca-Cola Amatil’s Supplier Code of Conduct as well as The Coca-Cola Company’s Supplier Guiding Principles.

Environmental and social sustainability criteria are an important part of supplier sustainability assessments covering most of Coca-Cola Amatil’s key suppliers. 90 per cent of the sugar we use in Indonesia is certified under Smartcane Best Management Practice.

Engaged People

At Coca-Cola Amatil, protecting the health and safety of our people and those we work with will always be our overriding priority. Indonesia continues to take a multi-faceted approach to safety, developing a safety culture in addition to striving to provide a safer working environment, both internally and externally. While over IDR50Billion of capital expenditure has been spent over the last 5 years to make our workplaces safer we have stepped up a focus on behavioural safety. Our hazard identification program has been instrumental in embedding a safety mindset and has addressed numerous hazards across our business. Driver safety remains a key risk in the Indonesian market and various face-to-face and e-learning driver safety programs have been developed and implemented to address this, as well as implementing regular vehicle inspections. In addition to rolling out our safety programs internally, we have expanded them to our Coca-Cola Official Distributors (CCOD).

Safety Performance

Total recordable injury1

1 Per 1 million man-hours worked.

We also continued our focus on capability development with technical academies, and leadership and talent development programs, with more than 76,000 days of training delivered in 2019. Capability programs have been extended to CCOD partners and their employees along with vocational training programs in collaboration with Ministry of Manpower to develop local youth.

We believe our people feel engaged and included. This was demonstrated in our 2019 employee engagement scores, where Indonesia recorded a significant increase of six percentage points to achieve 81 per cent engagement. Development of our people remains a focus, with several functional academies operating internally. In 2019, the development program in Indonesia was enhanced by the introduction of the Amatil X Academy – a six-month internal accelerator designed to build entrepreneurial capability and connect our people to local start-ups. In its first year, Amatil X trained 1,629 employees at 14 locations across Indonesia.

Sustainability in Indonesia

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Sugar reduction


achieved in sugar grams per 100ml in Indonesia.

Datasnack image

Water replenishment


of water replenished annually.

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Community investment


Invested in the community in 2019.

Water replenishment

Project Location
Project2019 ML/Year
Infiltration Wells (Sumatra, Java)


Community Access


2019 Emissions
Tonnes C02-equivalent

Scope 1Scope 2

Sustainability in Indonesia

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Bali Beach Clean Up


More than 12 years of Bali Beach Clean Up has collected over 40,000 tonnes of waste.

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Sugar reduction target


reduction targeted in sugar grams per 100ml by 2020 compared to 2015 baseline in Indonesia.

Delighted Consumers

We recently announced a 2020 goal to reduce total sugar per 100ml by 20 per cent in Indonesia, compared to 2015.2 This is one of the most ambitious targets within the Coca-Cola system. By the end of 2019, Indonesia had reformulated eight products since 2015, reducing sugar grams per 100ml by 13.5 per cent.

Community investment and impact is another priority for our Indonesian operations, particularly with respect to our ‘Zone 1’ programs focused on serving communities in the immediate vicinity of our production facilities. In 2019, the combined value of our cash, in-kind and volunteering hours support in Indonesia was over IDR6.5Billion (A$661,000) – generating positive impacts in health, infrastructure, education, biodiversity, waste management and disaster relief.

Better Environment

Sustainable packaging is also a key focus area. We support the work of the Global Plastics Action Partnership, and The Coca-Cola Company’s World Without Waste ambition. Returnable glass bottles are used for our beverages in some Indonesian locations, and we continue to remove plastic from our packaging via a light-weighting program for bottles and caps, and secondary plastic packaging.

Since 2014, we have decreased use of plastic across our PET packaging by 28.5 per cent. We also launched the new Affordable Single Serve Pack line in East Java – our second such line in the country – which produces lightweight plastic bottles coated with a thin layer of glass. The new bottles require 1,000 tonnes less plastic each year to produce. To further close the loop on our packaging, in 2019, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Dynapack Indonesia for a joint venture to explore opportunities to establish a recycled PET facility.

We continue to invest in renewable energy projects around the region, including Indonesia’s largest rooftop solar project at Cibitung, with generation capacity of 7.1 megawatts. The Cibitung project commenced energy generation in late 2019, and is expected to reach full operational capacity in 2020.

We also support programs that help protect and regenerate natural systems and biodiversity in Indonesia. For the past five years, we have been planting trees and developing education and community programs as part of our Coca-Cola Forests program in Lampung, Sumedang and Semarang – including a program in Lampung to support wild elephant conservation. For over 12 years in Indonesia we have, with partners, organised ongoing daily beach clean-ups across five beaches under the Bali Beach Clean-up program. This program has seen over 40,000 tonnes of waste collected, and provides regular employment and skills training to the team of waste collectors. With The Coca-Cola Company, we also support a significant program of water replenishment throughout Indonesia. Our combined efforts have returned over 1,600 megalitres annually of quality water to nature and for use in local communities.

2 Based on portfolio-wide weighted volume sugar content (g/100ml). Target is for 2020 compared to Moving Annual Trend for 31 December 2015, unless otherwise specified.

Sustainability news in Indonesia

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In commemoration of the National Day of Love for Flowers & Animals, Amatil - Sugar Labinta held a webinar for Kapuk Muara 01 Elementary School students, North Jakarta.

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Amatil Indonesia joined the dialogues of multi-stakeholders to bring ambitious goals of world without waste into life.

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Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia provided support in the form of segregated trash bin and hand washing booth to the Save Cikarang River Community on Friday (23/10).