Community investment and impact is another priority for ourin Indonesian operations, particularly with respect to our ‘Zone 1’ programs which focused on serving the communities in the immediate vicinity of our production facilities.  

In 2019, the combined value of our cash, in-kind and volunteering hours support, in Indonesia was A$661,000 in Indonesia –, generating positive impacts in health, infrastructure, education, biodiversity, waste management and disaster relief. Highlights in 2019 include:

  • Support the education of 97 economically marginalized students in Zone-1 area that demonstrate good academic standing and the right aptitude to pursue higher education (from EJ not yet conducted due to local management changes)
  • Deliver ‘Coke Kicks’ soccer training to more than 256 local soccer coaches and 1,792 participants in 8 areas across Indonesia.
  • Provide relief in form of 37,920 bottles of Ades water for victims of natural disaster, including flood in Greater Jakarta, Bengkulu, and Makassar in early 2019.
  • Continue Coca-Cola Forest Fun Learning activities throughout 2019 in Lampung and Semarang.
  • Continue to target ‘Zone-1’ community development through programs such as “Desa Mandiri Lestari” in Medan, Lampung, Pasuruan, and Bali where we deliver organic and hydroponic trainings to help generate income and increase quality of life. 
  • Continue to support the vocational program initiated under cross-ministries collaboration upon direction from President Joko Widodo to increase the absorption of skilled worker that matched industry’s needs.
  • Provide  job opportunities for Zone-1 members as farmers through Coca-Cola Forest Lampung, Sumedang-West Java, and Semarang Regency-Central Java, and job opportunities for local farmers through ‘Hutan Asuh Coca-Cola’ (Coca-Cola Foster Forest) program. 
  • Maintain partnership with East Bali Poverty Project to provide clean water for community in East Bali , R.O.L.E Foundation, and Australian New Zealand Association (ANZA) to run various social activities.

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In commemoration of the National Day of Love for Flowers & Animals, Amatil - Sugar Labinta held a webinar for Kapuk Muara 01 Elementary School students, North Jakarta.

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Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia provided support in the form of segregated trash bin and hand washing booth to the Save Cikarang River Community on Friday (23/10).

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Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) West Java through the Coca-Cola Forest program donated tree seedlings, bins, products and merchandises made from waste created by the Zone-1 community’s Family Welfare Program (PKK).