Amatil X

Amatil X to create millions more moments of happiness and possibility.

Coca-Cola Amatil has announced the launch of Amatil X, a platform for emerging possibilities to power growth beyond the company's core business.

The program supports development of concepts, startups and early stage businesses that anticipate and address customer needs.

At the centre of Amatil X is AX Ventures, a multimillion dollar corporate venturing program, set up to invest in future revenue growth opportunities outside of Amatil’s core - and beyond innovation in beverages which sits within the core business.

Investment opportunities will be identified via Xcelerate and Xponential.

Xcelerate is a corporate accelerator program to operate in Australia and New Zealand - powered by leading start-up accelerator BlueChilli. Xcelerate will seek applications from entrepreneurs and early-stage companies, gaining first-hand access to emerging technologies and trends; building a pipeline of investible businesses; and supporting the overall start-up ecosystem in Australia and New Zealand.

Xponential is an employee venturing program. Xponential will leverage Amatil’s existing innovation programs and other initiatives to identify internal opportunities for AX Ventures to support. Xponential will open by June 2018 - for more information click here.

 Importantly, the Amatil X programs are not open to propsoals for new beverages, and do not compete with existing innovation pipelines provided by brand partners like The Coca-Cola Company.

Group Managing Director Alison Watkins said the Amatil X team had been examining the opportunities in rapidly evolving companies across various sectors over several months.

"The result of this examination is Amatil X. Our aspiration is for Amatil X to bridge a gap between large established corporations and the agile, innovative startups that would be great partners in our growth agenda."