Happy 18th birthday Feral Brewing Co

If you know the beer, then you know the dedicated team behind one of West Australia’s most beloved crafted beer companies.

If you know the beer, then you know the dedicated team behind one of West Australia’s most beloved crafted beer companies.
Feral Brewing Co opened its doors in the Swan Valley 18 years ago and have never looked back. Feral’s founder, Brendan Varis, had a vision to craft beers that were unlike anything seen before in Australia. And he got the formula right because 18 years on Feral Brewing continues to go from strength to strength, producing high quality, unique beers.
This group of like-minded, passionate people is not afraid to try something different, and will always give 100 per cent in everything they do. It’s the Feral way.
To mark the occasion, Feral Brewing is releasing a limited-edition West Coast IIPA with a celebratory can design that takes fans through the 18-year journey of this much-loved beer brand. The can design pays homage to those who helped build the brand including the original ute used to deliver the kegs.
Led by their General Manager, Robert Brajkovich, a long-time friend of founder, Brendan Varis, and Swan Valley boy at heart, Rob has spent the past decade working across all aspects of the alcohol industry from sales, management, and marketing. He’s now taking Feral Brewing Co from strength to strength and working on a capital expenditure program which will see the capabilities of the brewhouse double in the next two years.
“Feral is unique in the sense that we have always bucked trends and brewed beers we wanted to drink. Our vision has always been to brew beers with unique flavours and innovative style, beers unlike anything available on the domestic market. By definition, Feral. Hop Hog was the first beer ever in Australia to be dry hopped with hop pellets. People told Brendan that this would be too polarising and advanced for the Aussie market but it went on to win Most Popular Beer of the Year (GABS Hottest 100) three years in a row and is still one of the biggest sellers in our core range to this day.
It’s important to back yourself as a business and always challenge yourself on what you can do better, so you continue to improve. Our quality, level of innovation and creativity is constantly improving every day here. It will continue to do so even as we expand, and this is the reason for Feral’s success.”
This dedication to the delivery of high-quality beer with exceptional customer service is what makes Coca-Cola Amatil proud to partner with Feral Brewing Co since 2017.
“Amatil has given Feral the freedom and flexibility to continue to build our brand and brew our beers exactly how we want to. They purchased one of the oldest craft breweries in Australia for a reason, and they understand how important our unique character is. They are backing our team in Western Australia 100% to grow the business and keep the Feral culture alive and thriving.”
“People can expect big things from Feral in 2021 and beyond. We have a strong new product development program in place (with some old favourites coming back too!). We are working on some amazing advancements in the brewhouse which will allow us not only to brew MORE beer but to brew higher quality, more consistent beers too”. 
Happy Birthday Feral Brewing and the team behind bringing this beer brand to life!