Our Manufacturing Academy in PNG

Congratulations to our recent Manufacturing Academy graduates in PNG.

Congratulations to our recent graduates from the Manufacturing Academy who completed their second Machinery Equipment module. The cohort included 23 proud and pumped participants who are now using their skills in the business and sharing their knowledge with peers.
Following in their footsteps, a new group of team members from across Lae and Port Moresby has stepped up to the challenge commencing the first module in their Academy training. They are set to graduate in July 2021
About the Manufacturing Academy
The Manufacturing Academy was launched in August 2019 as a collaboration between Amatil’s Papua New Guinea and Indonesia teams. The focus of the program is to  develop the capability of employees involved in the manufacturing process. The Academy is designed to help people along their path of building the skills and knowledge that is necessary to be successful and safe in their roles.
The Manufacturing Academy is one focus area within the Supply Chain Training Academy. Other areas of focus include the Cold Drink Equipment Services Academy.
Participants in the Manufacturing Academy learn four main machinery equipment processes:
  • Blow mould – This equipment is responsible for the process of forming or transforming hollow objects into plastic shapes, like bottle packaging.
  • Labeller – This automated equipment is used to dispense and apply labels to various product packaging 
  • Filler/Dosing – This machine measures the dose of products and fills it into bottle packaging.
  • Palletiser – This machine is used in the final step of the manufacturing process and provides automatic means for stacking cases of products onto a pallet. 
This multi-skill approach is designed to test their ability to both operate and troubleshoot issues. In addition to the equipment training, participants complete online training, on the job training, logbooks and they are assessed on their performance.
Manasah Samson, from our Production recently graduated from the program.
“I have gained more understanding of the equipment I work with and this has boosted my level of confidence to how I approach tasks on a daily basis”.
Congratulations again to all of these team members investing their time in building capability and skills that will last a lifetime.