Meet our Team in Papua New Guinea | Samantha

Meet Samantha, Quality Control at our Port Moresby team in Papua New Guinea.

Hi Samantha,

What are three words that describe you best?

Self- motivated, Hardworking and Helpful
What is your “Only at Amatil Moment” so far?
I love how the company empowers individuals by building capabilities through the various training programmes being rolled out each year. Every year Amatil employees are more capable individuals than they were the previous year. Hats off to the talent team.
What has your journey been like in the Graduate Recruitment Program so far?
I started off in the Sales Department (the front-liners of the company) together with the other graduates. Then moved to the Production, CDES, Engineering and finally to the Quality Control Department as the final rotation.
Being pioneers of this program has not been easy as it took a while for my graduate colleagues and I to get accustomed to working and continuously nagging everyone for answers and assistance. But the way each department I was exposed to, accommodated, assisted, challenged and encouraged me has deepened my understanding and appreciation for each of them and their vital contributions to the business.
I can say the program, especially the rotations, has enabled the building of cross-functional relationships that would make working with other departments a lot easier when I finally settle into my landing role. I also appreciate the various trainings that the Talent team has put us through into build our capabilities.