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Put your foot down for a great cause



Steptember has been enthusiastically embraced by Coca-Cola Amatil for the past four years.

At Coca-Cola Amatil we’re committed to sharing the value of doing business with us, both with our commercial and not-for-profit partners. We’re also committed to supporting our employee’s health and wellbeing.


Stuart Comino, Chief Financial Officer, Australian Beverages, shares his thoughts on Steptember, a cause close to his heart.


"It was a great pleasure for Coca-Cola Amatil to host a Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) health and wellbeing session for our employees, valued supplier network and corporate partners. The purpose was to promote wellbeing in the context of the annual CPA Steptember fundraiser.


"Steptember has been enthusiastically embraced by Coca-Cola Amatil for the past four years. It’s a winning combination of doing something good - both for yourself by walking 10,000 steps per day, and for others by fundraising for each step.


"The CPA session was led by corporate fitness expert Anna-Louise Bouvier who focused on small changes we can easily make to help manage busy lives such as moving a little more, stressing a little less, and eating and sleeping a little better. Her advice was encouraging, straightforward and importantly, easily actionable. Like Steptember it all starts with small changes such as just one step.


"At Coca-Cola Amatil this translates into leaders taking our walking shoes or runners to work in September and encouraging others to join us in lunchtime walks, walking meetings and other fitness inspired opportunities. Along with the obvious health benefits, there’s positive business outcomes from the collaboration that happens when people step out of the office together such as increased employee engagement. A great reason for all leaders to give this a go.


"In Australia today a child is born with cerebral palsy every fifteen hours, so this issue touches many people. I also have a very personal connection to CPA through my own family experience and now, as a Governor of the CPA Research Foundation and member of the CPA Finance and Audit Committee. The CPA Research Foundation is exceptionally active in its mission to prevent and potentially in the future find a cure for cerebral palsy and I’m very proud to be associated with this world class, innovative research organisation.


"If you’re interested to find out more get in touch with me, or the CPA directly. It’s an opportunity to add value both to our business and the not-for-profit world, and in doing so improve the health and wellness of you and your teams, which as leaders are opportunities we shouldn’t miss."