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Waste Management Learning Centre Bali


Waste Management Learning Centre Bali

Waste Management Learning Centre Bali

The Bali Beach Clean Up program, supported by Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia for over 10 years, is one of our longest-running sustainability programs, removing more than 39 million kilograms of rubbish from five of Bali’s busiest beaches and striving for ways to make a greater impact in the future.

In 2017 Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia held the Bali Big Eco Forum, bringing together a range of stakeholders to discuss the impact of waste management issues on tourism and potential solutions for a sustainable tourism concept. An insight from the forum was the low level of public awareness about waste management, affecting the level of participation in waste handling efforts.

In 2018, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia acted upon this insight and supported the building and equipment of a learning centre within the Seminyak Integrated Waste Management Facility, which recycles 65 per cent of their waste from over 800 customers, including the waste from the Bali Beach Clean Up program in Seminyak.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Public Works and Housing supported the project with the provision of a plastic shredding machine to reduce and reuse plastic bag waste through the use of plastic asphalt technology in building roads. This new technology means that the waste from the centre has a greater value, improving the economics of the entire operation.

The Seminyak Integrated Waste Management Facility is a great model for people across the country to learn about waste management. The new learning centre can hold up to 30 people at a time, helping to address the issue of low-level public awareness about waste management.

Learn more about our sustainability driven initiatives in our 2018 Sustainability Report.

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