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Amatil X

AMATIL X is our new emerging possibilities platform, to nurture and scale opportunities for growth.


At its centre is AX Ventures, our multi-million dollar corporate venturing program, set up to invest in future revenue growth opportunities outside of our core.


Identifying opportunities for investment are:


  • Xcelerate - our corporate accelerator program powered by BlueChilli. Xcelerate invests in early-stage companies and concepts, getting first hand access to emerging technologies and trends and helping build a pipeline of investible businesses.


  • Xponentialour employee venturing program. Xponential will leverage Amatil’s existing innovation programs and other initiatives, to identify, build and scale new businesses.


We’re looking for ideas, start-ups and scale ups to power growth beyond Amatil’s core business under the following three broad themes.


A Million Moments of Impact 

 How would you help build a more sustainable future? Would you:

  • reimagine the packaging lifecycle?

  • generate value from waste?

  • improve health and wellbeing?

  • reduce carbon emissions?

  • create social impact?


One Step Ahead

How would you make sure customers were really at the heart of the company? Would you:

  • generate better data to drive lasting customer insights?

  • use data to delight customers with better outcomes?

  • predict the future with analytics?

  • personalise each customer experience?

  • improve the shopping experience?


The route to me

How would you make sure people got what they wanted, when and where they wanted it? Would you:

  • develop new supply chains?

  • use technology to transform logistics?

  • reimagine the experience of ordering and delivery?

  • find better ways to get the customer to come to you?


The Amatil X vision


The vision for Amatil X is to deliver millions of moments of happiness to customers through great experiences. This will involve identifying and exploring opportunities for growth beyond our core; learning from the future instead of the past.


The model will evolve over time, however the initial focus will be:

  • Services and experiences rather than beverages, as innovation and disruption around beverages sits in our core business

  • Revenue or capital growth opportunities rather than internal productivity initiatives as these are managed under existing programs (e.g. Innov8 in Australia)

  • Australia and New Zealand for the Xcelerate program

  • Global opportunities with an Australian or New Zealand link for AX Ventures’ investments

We will use the Amatil X platform to identify and scale future growth opportunities. It will focus on experiences that will delight our customers beyond our core products and services. The objectives of Amatil X are to identify and invest in emerging possibilities, expand our commitment to custoemr-centric innovation, support our Australia-New Zealand ecosystem and establish new, agile teams to support business operations.