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Amatil X Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amatil X?

A: Amatil X finds technology enabled solutions and business models that support our business today and create new possibilities for tomorrow. It inspires and challenges our business by bringing the outside in and acting as the conduit between the startup community and the corporate world.


What does Amatil X cover in 2019?

•        Technology solutions and business models rather than beverages

•        Sharing of consumer insights and market trends

•        Capability building in Indonesia

•        Global opportunities for AX Ventures’ investments, with a regional focus in Asia Pacific


What is AX Ventures?

A: AX Ventures is our multimillion-dollar corporate venturing program, set up to invest in technology enabled solutions and business models that create growth opportunities for tomorrow.


What sort of companies does AX Ventures invest in?

A: AX Ventures will make minority investments, predominantly at series A funding rounds in companies that we believe we can help to scale.


If you want to partner with Coca-Cola Amatil, discover more here.