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Going Beyond With Amatil X

Meet the companies working with Amatil X




Doshii is an Australian application programming interface company that gives app developers a common platform that works with numerous point-of-sale systems.




 TabSquare AI  

Tabsquare provides a smart (data-driven) restaurant management and customer engagement platform for the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry which helps restaurants provide a better dining experience to their customers while improving the restaurants' efficiency and profitability.






Snooper Case Study:

Through Amatil X, Snooper and Coca-Cola Amatil partnered in collecting in-store execution data across Australia. Snooper is a crowdsourcing platform for brands and retailers. The application enables shoppers (Snoopers) to collect in-store data and share their experience in real time. Snoopers’ immense network of 50,000 shoppers across Australia enabled Amatil to get real-time visibility of the marketplace that would have otherwise taken months.

Snoopers accept ‘missions’ and answer questionnaires relating to a specific brand/campaign while taking images to support their answers. For every mission completed, Snoopers receive financial rewards of up to $15.

In October 2018, Amatil and Snooper executed an 8-week pilot project covering six (6) campaigns across five Business Units. The main objectives of the campaigns were to collect insights on in-store execution including equipment location, planogram compliance, and campaign execution.

The output generated by the missions is delivered via an online dashboard displaying granular data in real time. The feedback from our team can be seen in the video below.



Staybil Case Study:

Through Amatil X, Staybil created a unique, flexible logistics optimization and routing system that slashed delivery time and distance for one of Coca-Cola Amatil's direct to consumer delivery businesses using proprietary mathematics, APIs, and machine learning.

The pilot project was run with our Neverfail water business. The iconic big blue cooler bottle, has loyal customers all over the country. With over 100 unique delivery routes, it has a number of complex planning and routing challenges. New types of fast direct to consumer competitors, increasing diesel prices, and desire for improved social responsibility created a need for increased levels of efficiency.

Routing optimization is not new in the market, but Staybil's fast, flexible optimization introduced efficiency to the process. Incorporation of meaningful machine-learning and PhD optimization mathematics applied to rich enterprise data created opportunity for massive and fast results.

The solution to the challenge faced by Neverfail was a fast auto-assignment algorithm combined with deep routing optimization via cloud-deployed web-maps console. All contained in a flexible architecture to drive continuous innovation and efficiency as the business evolves further. As a result, we achieved:

  • 48% Reduction in Average Delivery Travel Time
  • 36% Reduction in Average Delivery Travel Distance
  • 70MT Reduction in fleet-wide GHG Emissions
  • 100X potential Return on Investment
  • 8 weeks from concept to implementation


If you want to partner with Coca-Cola Amatil, discover more here.