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Our Strategy

The Group Strategy is our blueprint for success. It positions us to capture growth and deliver long-term value. We know that our markets will continue to change. We are confident in our ability to navigate this changing environment, with the three pillars of our Group Strategy as our foundation. 

This approach is anchored in a strategy defined by three pillars:


Strengthening category leadership position 

- Leading brands in each major NARTD category in each market 

- Up-weighted levels of innovative marketing continually strengthen brand equity 

- Evolving portfolio that adapts to changing consumer preference


Step change in productivity and in-market execution 

- World-class customer servicing capability

- Route-to-market that provides customer diversification and real competitive advantage

- Effective leverage of our large-scale, low-cost manufacturing, sales and distribution capability


Better alignment with The Coca-Cola Company and our partners

- Shared vision of success and aligned objectives

- Joint plans for growing system profitability

-Balanced share of risk and rewards

2017 Strategic Review

We operate across a diverse mix of businesses, and with unrivalled sales and manufacturing capabilities we delight millions of consumers every day. Discover more about what we do!