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Caring For Our Environment: 2020 Fact Sheet
Caring For Our Environment: 2020 Fact Sheet

Caring For Our Environment: 2020 Fact Sheet


Our commitment and approach

Across our six countries of operation we support programs that protect and regenerate natural systems and support biodiversity.

These programs form a focus of both our community investment and our employee volunteering. Many have a long heritage, with some running for decades, such as Fiji’s Mission Pacific and the Bali Beach Clean Up. All are inspired the sense of environmental stewardship that comes from working collaboratively to preserve a healthy planet, including with our communities, NGO partners, universities, schools, environment experts and our people.

Download the full Caring For Our Environment 2020 Fact Sheet [PDF 1 MB]

Growing forests and mangroves

Six years ago, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia initiated a tree planting and environmental education program called Coca-Cola Forests, which aims to create a healthier, safer, and more sustainable place to live while strengthening the economy of the local communities where we operate. This program is now focused in three areas in Indonesia – Lampung, Sumedang and Semarang – and contributes to positive environment and community outcomes.

In Fiji, our teams from Paradise Beverages and Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji worked together with the University of the South Pacific in 2019 to support a volunteer day to rehabilitate local mangroves. The hard-working volunteers were able to plant more than 50,000 plants. Their efforts will help protect the shoreline from storms, prevent erosion by stabilising sediments, filter pollutants and trap sediments originating from land, and provide fish breeding areas.

Download the full Caring For Our Environment 2020 Fact Sheet [PDF 1 MB]

Protecting water sources, catchments and replenishment projects

We manage our water sources responsibly and with care, ensuring that the needs of both local communities and the natural environment are met sustainably. In Indonesia, we have several reforestation initiatives targeting water catchment areas. These forests are an optimal land cover for catchments. They supply drinking water, reduce the effects of floods, prevent soil erosion, regulate the water table and assure a high quality water supply.

Together with The Coca-Cola Company, we have also implemented water replenishment programs in Australia and Indonesia, and in 2019, we replenished an estimated 9,178ML, which is the equivalent of 290 per cent of the water used in our finished products across the Group.

Download the full Caring For Our Environment 2020 Fact Sheet [PDF 1 MB]

Supporting recycling and litter reduction

For over 12 years in Indonesia we have, with partners, organised ongoing daily beach clean-ups across five beaches under the Bali Beach Clean-up program. This program has seen over 40,000 tonnes of waste collected and provides regular employment and skills training to a team of waste collectors. We have also supported the establishment of waste management education centres and programs in Bali and other locations across Indonesia.

In Fiji, we’ve operated for 20 years one of the main plastic bottle and can recycling schemes in the country, Mission Pacific, while in 2019, we launched the region’s first Sprite in a clear plastic bottle to improve its recyclability. In Samoa, we’ve partnered with members of the Samoan Recycling and Waste Management Association to install public recycling bins for plastic PET bottles and aluminium cans.

Download the full Caring For Our Environment 2020 Fact Sheet [PDF 1 MB]

Habitat regeneration and wildlife protection

In Fiji, Paradise Beverages has supported the Mamanuca Environment Society in protecting sea turtles since 2006, including through ongoing financial support, participating in education programs and helping to promote awareness – such as endorsing the charity on the packaging of Vonu beer (Vonu meaning ‘turtle’ in Fijian). Our people participate in regular volunteering days, often with their families, for beach clean-ups and mangrove planting.

In Lampung, Indonesia, Sahabat Gajah (Elephants’ Friends) was established with our support to preserve regional forests and, in particular, to protect the icon of Lampung, the Sumatran elephant, whose population in the wild has fallen dramatically in recent years.

Download the full Caring For Our Environment 2020 Fact Sheet [PDF 1 MB]

Infographic: Over A$760k invested in environment and biodiversity programs in 2019; Waste Collection 40k tonnes Bali Beach Clean Up has collected over 40,000 tonnes of waste over 12 years

More Information

BALI BEACH CLEAN UP Navigation Show below Hide below

Case Study: Bali Beach Clean Up 

Coca-Cola Amatil initiated the Bali Beach Clean-up program in 2007 and together with the local community have had a significant impact on the beaches in Bali, collecting over 40 thousand tonnes of waste in 12 years.

The focus of the program is to address marine pollution – a big challenge for Indonesia (the world’s most populous island nation). Every day, we employ around 70 locals to keep Bali’s five major beaches clean.

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Case Study: Family Fun and Clean Up In Fiji 

Caring for the environment starts with each of us taking  an action, big or small, that makes a difference.

In 2019, the Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji team hosted a Family Fun and Clean Up Day, which brought together colleagues from our three Fijian sites and their families. The Family Fun and Clean Up Day has been running for several years and is a much-anticipated event for everyone involved.

Over three weekends and across three popular picnic spots known for their problems with litter, our people had fun getting to know one another and their families outside of the work environment, while making a positive difference to the natural environment.

After a vigorous aerobics session to kick things off, everyone was given gloves and garbage bags. They set to work collecting rubbish and recovering PET bottles and aluminium cans for our Mission Pacific recycling program.

This initiative is one of the many clean-up programs that Coca-Cola Amatil employees organise and participate in across Fiji, Samoa, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia.

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