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Safety and wellbeing: 2020 Fact Sheet
Safety and wellbeing: 2020 Fact Sheet

Safety and wellbeing: 2020 Fact Sheet

At Coca-Cola Amatil, protecting the health and safety of our people and those we work with will always be our overriding priority.

Our 2020 goal and progress

We have a 2020 Goal to have a zero-harm workplace. In 2019, tragically, there were four fatalities, as well as 132 injuries recorded.1

Our commitment and approach

We strive to achieve and maintain a zero-harm workplace where safety is everyone’s responsibility. 

For Coca-Cola Amatil, a safe workplace is the result of both our ‘safety first’ culture and a clearly defined set of requirements for all employees. The Group’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy requires all employees, suppliers, contractors and visitors to operate to the highest standards. Our policy is part of the Coca-Cola Amatil Health and Safety Management Framework, which is overseen by the Board’s Risk and Sustainability Committee and certified at Group level under the global OHSAS 18001 Standard. This framework identifies material safety and wellbeing hazards and priorities. In addition, formal joint management-worker health and safety committees operate at site level in all locations. All employees are represented by these committees. In most jurisdictions, our formal agreements with trade unions also cover health and safety issues. Health and safety performance is monitored via regular internal and external audits, as well as audits conducted by The Coca-Cola Company, to ensure we meet stringent quality, safety and environment requirements.

Download the full Safety and Wellbeing 2020 Fact Sheet [PDF 1.8 MB]

2019 fatalities & injuries

Tragically, our Indonesian business reported four traffic-related fatalities in 2019. Three of these fatalities were Coca-Cola Amatil employees or contractors, who died as a result of traffic accidents which occurred when they were working. One of the fatalities was a member of the public, who was involved in an accident where a third-party delivery driver, contracted to Coca-Cola Amatil, was found to be at fault.

Our condolences go to the family and friends of the deceased. The loss of life is unacceptable and our response to these incidents has been immediate and comprehensive, with full investigations and corrective actions applied locally and across the organisation. We continue to invest heavily in driver training programs across all countries, particularly in Indonesia, where our programs have been expanded to include training for the broader community, in addition to employees and contractors.

Given the risks associated with driver safety in Indonesia, we have developed country-specific face-to-face and e-learning  driver safety programs, which are run alongside regular vehicle inspections. In addition to delivering driver safety programs internally, we have expanded them to our Coca-Cola Official Distributors and broader community participants. This is part of our multi-faceted approach to safety in Indonesia, where we have invested more than IDR50 billion (A$5.1 million) over the last five years to make our workplaces safer.

Across Coca-Cola Amatil, 2019 saw a 26 per cent increase in the total number of injuries to 132 from 105 in 2018. Since 2012 we have reduced total injuries by 69 per cent. Over time our ability to track and report injuries is also improving. In 2019, reviews were conducted to identify areas of injury clusters and improvement plans are in place to address this. In particular, our New Zealand business saw a significant increase in injuries in 2019, due mainly to improved reporting as well as manual handling incidents with in-store merchandisers. Significant work has gone into understanding and addressing the manual handling risks with merchandisers so we can reduce the number of injuries moving forward.

Download the full Safety and Wellbeing 2020 Fact Sheet [PDF 1.8 MB]

1 Total injuries include lost-time injuries, restricted work injuries and medical treatment injuries for employees only.

2 Restated for previous years excluding SPC. Our injury and diversity data covers direct employees, which excludes contractors and outsourced workers. 88.3 per cent of our direct employees have permanent roles while the balance are fixed term.

3 When reporting on loss of life we include all work-related incidents where employees or contractors have died, or which have occurred on-site; and all incidents involving members of the public, where, post-investigation, Coca-Cola Amatil or its contractors were found to be at fault.

69% reduction in injuries in 2019 compared to 2012

More Information

A SAFETY HUB IN PARADISE Navigation Show below Hide below

In 2019 our Paradise Beverages team introduced a new online training program, Safety Hub, aimed at equipping our 500+ workforce with the knowledge and skills needed to keep themselves safe while carrying out their daily roles, ensuring they go home to what they love every day.


Creating a mentally healhty workplace

One in five Australian adults experience mental illness in any given year.

At Amatil, we believe it’s important to create a safe workplace where both the physical and mental health of our people is valued and respected. Similar to appointing physical first aid officers, we’ve appointed accredited Mental Health First Aiders across our sites in Australia, who embed our mental health initiatives and support the wellbeing of our people.

We now have 140 accredited Mental Health First Aiders who are trained to understand and recognise the signs of mental illness, and to start initial conversations with colleagues who may be struggling. Where necessary, they encourage co-workers to seek support and professional help early on, for example through the Employee Assistance Program.

In September 2019, Coca-Cola Amatil was awarded with Gold Accreditation from Mental Health First Aid Australia, for being a Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplace. Coca-Cola Amatil is the only fast moving consumer goods company in Australia with MHFA Accreditation.

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