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Project Catalyst

Australia Project Catalyst is a pioneering partnership funded by The Coca-Cola Company and aimed at reducing the environmental impacts of sugar production on the Great Barrier Reef through innovative farming practices. Project Catalyst seeks to test and validate practices that are good for farmers and also good for the Reef.

 Project Catalyst was established to help sugarcane growers develop innovative, economically viable and environmentally sustainable farming practices.

 The program is a unique collaboration between cane farmers, the Coca-Cola Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund, Bayer CropScience, natural resource management groups and the Australian Government. It currently involves more than 70 cane growers from the state’s major areas of sugar production – Mackay and the Whitsundays, Burdekin Dry Tropics, and the Wet Tropics.

Our Progress

Project Catalyst growers have improved runoff and drainage water quality of an estimated 150 billion litres. Project Catalyst has so far delivered annualised savings of: 

  • 72 tonnes p.a. of particulate nitrogen runoff to the Reef
  • 64 tonnes p.a. of dissolved inorganic nitrogen runoff to the Reef
  • 34 tonnes p.a. of particulate phosphorus runoff to the Reef
  • 13 tonnes p.a. of filterable reactive phosphorus runoff to the Reef
  • 551 kg p.a. of pesticides from entering the Reef