Coca-Cola Forests Lampung

Coca-Cola Forests Lampung & Friends of the Elephants Indonesia.

Five years ago, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia initiated a tree planting and environment education program called Coca-Cola Forests, aiming to create a healthier, safer, and more sustainable place to live while strengthening the economy of the local community where we operate. This program is now focused in three areas in Indonesia; Lampung, Sumedang, and Semarang.

Through the Coca-Cola Forests program, we plant trees that will be donated to communities and help them preserve water, combat climate change, and reduce the risk of natural disaster. Coca-Cola Forests also act as hubs for community education on environment protection and provides opportunities for members of local communities to work as farmers and educators.

At Lampung, Forum Pendidik Lampung (Lampung Educators Forum) and Sahabat Gajah (Friends of the Elephants) are initiatives based within Coca-Cola Forest that have inspired the community to create a bigger movement—and most importantly, to run the program independently.

The Forum Pendidik Lampung serves as a channel for educational advocacy and communications, encouraging teachers of Lampung to act as agents of change for their own community.

Sahabat Gajah has been established to protect the forest in the region and in particular, protect the icon of Lampung, the Sumatran elephant, whose population in the wild has fallen dramatically in recent years. The initiative is funded by the local community and supported jointly with Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, non-government organisations, schools, media, local government and local youth organisations.

“Coca-Cola Forest gives us inspiration, and a sense of self-worth and pride, knowing that we can do more and achieve more. I am proud to be part of Coca-Cola Forest, helping to build the strength of our village” — Apendi, teacher, Initiator and leader of Forum Pendidik Lampung.