Feral Brewing Co

Who are they and why do they keep going on about beer?!

Feral Draught is now out and available across Australia; and its selling fast... or in some cases selling out! But who is Feral Brewing Co? The brains behind this incredible brand?

Feral Brewing Co joined Amatil in 2017 after opening its doors in 2002 by two Western Australian brewers with a vision to craft beers that were unlike anything seen before on the domestic market, by nature Feral, hence the name. The brewery was born out of the red dirt of the Swan Valley, Australia’s oldest wine region, and has grown to establish a wide portfolio of award-winning beers.

The team thrives on pushing the boundaries in their beer styles and branding. And it works! They are a group of like-minded, passionate people who work to produce high quality, unique beer. They are at the forefront of craft beer trends. They are not afraid to try something different and will always give 100 per cent in everything they do. This is Feral’s point of difference in the beer market.

Like all of our incredible brands across Amatil, Feral takes quality seriously but with the difference of not taking themselves too seriously. It is what makes them unique. In their words, they are not “afraid to cannonball into the shallow end for a laugh.”

The team are made up of:
  • Dr. Ryan Harris - Head of Production management with 7 years’ experience in the brewing game and a friendly pet snake.
  • Will Irving - New Product Development. 12 years at Feral (3 months as a failed sales rep, 11 years 9 months as an amazing brewer). Has shaken up the brewing industry in Australia creating beers like Biggie Juice and Watermelon Warhead, so much so that last year he won National Brewer of the Year.
  • Jon Russel - Head chef, 15 years’ experience in the kitchen and 5 years with Feral. He has singlehandedly changed the cliental with his offerings, keeping the same mantra as the brewers by using only the best and freshest ingredients available.
  • Bronte O’Donoghue - Marketing, events, social media and hype person. Running around keeping everyone else inline and handing out Biggie Juice t-shirts.
  • Rob Brajkovich - The Feral Brewing Co General Manager is always on the pulse of what’s going on in the brewery and lives by the expression of ‘Carpe Diem’. He also doubles as the office doughnut fairy.
  • The Feral team don’t settle on one style of beer for their customers. Some beer styles are simple to make and easy to satisfy peoples tastes, others can be difficult to master and easily offensive if gone wrong. The complexity of their beer styles flows through in how they bring out the beers character through it’s name – often tongue-in-cheek or in-your-face!
Ultimately Feral Brewing Co team embody their tagline of “brewed by instinct”, and always strive to step outside the norm.

“If you don’t challenge yourself as a brewer, or as a company, then you will never grow.” – Will Irving.

Learn more about Feral Brewing Co and its wide range of beers by checking out their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.