Supporting our customers to sell online

At Amatil we are customer-obsessed. Customers are at the centre of what we do because when customers thrive, we win.

We’re excited to launch a portal for our customers that helps set them up for success online on their own website, social media accounts and food aggregators such as Uber Eats, Doordash and Deliveroo.

This free service provides customers with professional food and drink photography and helps them make the most of their website, social media and food aggregators.

How it works

Customers register and sign-in to the portal to:

  • download professional images of Coca-Cola Amatil products to include on their own website, social media accounts or via aggregators. These can be easily inserted to create meal combos to drive higher value transactions. From tandoori to tacos and pies to poke bowl, a meal always goes better with a beverage!
  • access training guides to get started as well as detailed information on how to optimise presence on each of the major food aggregators.

Customers can also get support from their Amatil representative to make the most of the portal.

The Coca-Cola Amatil Perfect Store Team Manager Louise Thompson, explains, “this portal will ensure our customers continue to maintain contact with their valued consumers, protecting their businesses now and into the future.”

“It provides the knowledge and practical assistance to get them trading online quickly and to maximise the value of those transactions, by featuring our iconic range of beverages with their meal combos.”

“Good quality photography can drive profitability online as well as in store. Adding a beverage to a meal order helps customers grow their transaction size by around $4.00 so it’s very worthwhile.”

“For example, a Vietnamese restaurant in Sydney optimised the $2 upgrade available on Uber Eats thanks to new combo imagery and saw a 64% dollar sales increase in one month.”