Celebrating Women in STEM – Meet Emily

Meet Emily - a team member we're profiling this International Women's Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a day dedicate to recognising and celebrating the achievements of women, no matter their roles, and how they are helping to shape a more equal future.
At Coca-Cola Amatil, we are celebrating Amatil women across the business who are choosing to challenge for an inclusive world. 
Meet Emily Smeed is one of many women at Amatil who are breaking the stereotypes of working within the supply chain industry through her role as Inventory Manager of Logistics.

For Emily the key to supporting more girls and women in her industry is starting at the beginning with schools and universities, educating them on what you can achieve in a supply chain career.
“Supply Chain can be such a 24/7 culture. I think there is some work that we need to do in proactively supporting working mums (and Dads!) with more flexible working options on the table. There are some industries that supply chain can definitely learn from here.”
“I would definitely like to see more women in STEM senior leadership positions in Australia. It’s fantastic having Alison (Watkins, Group Managing Director, Coca-Cola Amatil) as our role model here at Amatil and I love how open she is about her story of getting to where she is now.
For Emily working at Coca-Cola Amatil opens her to a world of possibilities for her career and aspirations, and the opportunities to be “able to go into a supermarket and see our world class brands on the shelf and know that I’ve been a part of getting it there.”
We are proud to share Emily’s story, and the stories of all women in Amatil, who are making tremendous strides within their careers, and choosing to do it at Coca-Cola Amatil.