Coke New Zealand Takes Triple Win

Coke New Zealand walked away from the New Zealand Juice and Beverage Awards in Napier on Tuesday 7 October with three wins for brands Lift Plus and POWERADE.

Coke NZ walked away from the New Zealand Juice and Beverage Awards in Napier on Tuesday 7 October with three wins for brands Lift Plus and POWERADE, both of which are owned by Coca-Cola Oceania (The New Zealand subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company) and manufactured by local bottler Coca-Cola Amatil New Zealand (CCANZ).

Lift Plus was the recipient of both the Best Lifestyle Beverage and Consumer Choice awards for Lift Plus Maximum. Head Judge and NZJBA organiser, Kay McMath, detailed that both the packaging and taste had a part to play in these wins stating the “retro bottle” and “flavour that delivers on promise” as the beverage's key to success in these categories.

Brand Manager for Energy Beverages at Coca-Cola Oceania, Nicholas Cheong, says the team is “extremely happy to receive both of these awards”.  Cheong adds that Lift Plus “will continue to create great tasting products for our consumers – watch this space!”.

Winner of the Best Industry Initiative award, POWERADE won for their Challenge and Breakthrough Academy initiatives. Kay McMath described these originalities as “experiential marketing at its best” and “a great attempt by a company to engage with consumers and to combat current negativity around [sugar-sweetened] beverages”.

Tracey Evans, Marketing Manager Stills at Coca-Cola Oceania is thrilled with POWERADE’s success saying, “We’re really excited to have been recognised for this work through receiving the Best Industry Initiative award for the POWERADE Breakthrough Academy and the POWERADE Challenge. Both initiatives demonstrate our commitment to connecting with our consumers in new and innovative ways and continuing to support New Zealand sports people with achieving their sporting goals.”

Celebrated annually, the New Zealand Juice and Beverage Awards were held in conjunction with the association’s annual conference this year in Napier, Hawkes Bay. “The New Zealand Juice and Beverage Awards showcase the best of the best of the best.” says NZJBA Executive Director, Kerry Tyack.

The event is designed to recognise and promote the high quality of non-alcoholic recreational beverages produced by members of the New Zealand Juice and Beverage Association. Specifically, the awards promote industry innovation, manufacturing excellence and quality standards.

Tyack adds, “The industry is proud to be able to offer a range of non-alcoholic drinks and is proud of those companies who are striving to ensure consumers have what they are telling us they enjoy. Their success at the annual NZJBA Awards is testament to a proud heritage of listening to their customers and delivering what they want”.

The association this year celebrated its 20th anniversary, and as a means of commemoration have renamed and re-branded to form the New Zealand Beverage Council.