Continually Driving Safer Standards

245 Cars, 46 Technical Service vans, 11 (owned) trucks and more than 53 trailers!

245 Cars, 46 Technical Service vans, 11 (owned) trucks and more than 53 trailers!

We have a HUGE vehicle fleet on the New Zealand roads at any time of the day working hard for CCA. With such a massive workforce ‘out and about’ keeping all of our drivers safe behind the wheel is a core focus for our business. Driven through policy and training, but ultimately through a need and desire by all staff to make sure every one of goes home safely. Our efforts were recognised recently, at the Brake Fleet Safety awards, where CCA was highly commended for its commitment to road safety.

Specifically, our entry into the category 'company driver safety' demonstrated the attention to detail and the breadth of initiatives we have introduced across the business. We were able to share details of how our vehicles are selected, our comprehensive Education and Driver Training programme & our new Vehicle inspection programme.

Did you know, for example, that all of the vehicles in the CCA fleet are selected using a comprehensive safety selection process. Another interesting fact is that CCANZ owns all of its vehicles, a practice which is quote uncommon in modern business, particularly for a business of our size and scale. All of our vehicles must hold a 5 star safety rating, with enough boot space for our point of sale equipment to be stored.

"It was really fun entering the awards, there is quite a bit of work involved through the entry process, but it's a great opportunity to reflect on everything we do here to make sure our programme continues to drive change and keep people safe. There is still more we can do, we're always striving to learn more and be a leader in the safety space. The newly formed safety team are coming together really well at the moment and we're looking forward to the challenge ahead of us" says Sam Morgan, Health & Safety Advisor.

One of the more recent additions to the driver safety programme at CCANZ is the new electronic vehicle inspection tool ‘iAudit’. It's an incredibly simple tool that enables our drivers to complete their own regular vehicle inspections at the push of a button. It covers topics from tyre wear and the operation of hands free kits, the report is submitted via an iPad app directly to the nominated person for follow up.

"The iAudit is a relatively new feature for our driver programme, being able to showcase it in entry was a great opportunity to show how we will continue to make it easy for our people to make safe decisions and be proactive when it comes to vehicle inspections and thinking thoughtfully." Susan Lahood, National Health & Safety Manager.

Think Safe + Drive Safe = Home Safe