Empowering Employees to Make a Difference

In 2016 Coca-Cola Amatil created an initiative worth sharing! Find out more.

In 2016 Coca-Cola Amatil created an initiative worth sharing!

Coke Gifting empowers our staff to give $200 of our product to a community group of their choice. The new initiative provides the ability for our team to create moments of happiness and possibilities within their communities and to help the causes they’re most passionate about.

The inspiration for Coke Gifting originated from the idea that our people are deeply passionate about their communities and are very proud about the company they work for.

Corey Slieker, GM of Grocery at Coca-Cola Amatil said, “We are a bunch of kiwis, we’re a bunch of proud advocates that work for the company and we want to show that more fully by participating in our own communities.”

Whether it’s the local rugby club, community organization or church group, Coke staff has already started making a difference within their communities with Coke Gifting.

The initiative is best summed up by our senior leadership team, “We play a role in our community. Our people come from those communities and we want to do the right thing by them”.