Healthy at Amatil - Shift worker wellbeing

Humans are not naturally nocturnal; adjusting sleeping patterns can be hard and can leave the body feeling tired. 

Humans are not naturally nocturnal; adjusting sleeping patterns can be hard and can leave the body feeling tired. 
For the month of May 2019, the focus for Healthy@Amatil has been on our Nightshift Workers and addressing the challenges they face working these ‘non-traditional’ shifts.
We reached out to the teams and asked what their main health & wellbeing challenges were. This is what they came back with:
  • Quality of sleep with distractions and heat / light over summer
  • Accessing good food and disrupting the body’s natural eating schedule
  • Gout and how to manage it

Based on the challenges they’re facing, we set out to create tangible resources for them to use, and shared ideas on simple things they can do to make managing a lifestyle on night shift easier. 
We created and distributed ‘Shift Worker Wellbeing Packs’ to all our Night Shift workers across the company and held info sessions focusing on sleep cycles and how to manage the daylight hours as well as managing gout and gout attacks.
The packs we distributed included meaningful, affordable and easily accessible items, included for a specific purpose:
  • Sleeping mask and Ear plugs to help reduce day-time noise levels and keep sleeping environment as dark as possible.
  • Chamomile tea and a lavender scented candle (both natural sleep inducers) to help night shift workers fall asleep when their body clock is telling them to wake up.
  • Trail mix (high in slow-release proteins) to keep the teams fuller for longer and bananas to help keep them full and their brains alert.
  • Peppermint tea to help keep them awake and to recharge them. Also, a great immunity booster.
  • Help​ful tips​ on how to wind down after a night shift, as well as several free sleeping app suggestions to make falling asleep easier.

The feedback from our Night Shift team has been extremely positive, with many of them saying how helpful the packs and information sessions have been:
"This is a great initiative taken for the wellbeing of employees along with the ongoing diet right program. As night shift employees, we often struggle to keep up with the lifestyle and good habits. These workshops and discussions educate us to make the right choices - thank you."