The Supplier Awards

The Supplier Awards

The supplier Forum has been running in New Zealand for 10 years now, it forms part of the full supplier management programme managed by the procurement team, a programme now replicated across Amatil Group for its effectiveness.


The supplier Forum has been running in New Zealand for 10 years now, it forms part of the full supplier management programme managed by the procurement team, a programme now replicated across Amatil Group for its effectiveness.

By engaging consistently with suppliers, the Procurement team has facilitated and worked with all Amatil Staff to build productive, transparent and strategic relationships with our suppliers, resulting in best business practice and great value for Amatil.

Every year, the Procurement Team run a SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) program.  The purpose and objective of this program is to ensure we work closely with our suppliers, to encourage two way communication, to proactively manage our suppliers against their contractual key performance indicators and to identify and encourage innovation between the companies.  As part of this program, there are also regular reviews throughout the year, which key stakeholders are invited to input and attend; during these reviews, the suppliers are measured against key performance indicators.   

Prior to the annual event, the Procurement team also ask CCA staff to nominate the suppliers they work with who have demonstrated a commitment and passion for our business with them, those suppliers who strive to provide excellent customer service at every opportunity, challenge and innovate for our business, demonstrating Amatil values in their own standards and business. These nominations, along side the SRM, are used as the basis to compile the finalists, and award winners.

The 2017 Supplier Awards

On Tuesday, 21 November, our annual Supplier Forum was held in Auckland. The event is a key activity on the event calendar at Coca-Cola Amatil NZ, an opportunity for our team members to sit down with all suppliers in one room and discuss our shared business objectives. 

Account Manager of the Year


  • Hristina Stoj-Kovska – CTM
  • Nigel Stevenson – NZ Sugar
  • Ruth Illsley – PMA Global

Winner: Hristina Stoj-Kovska, CTM who was nominated an astounding 9 times!

Supplier Value add/Innovation of the Year


  • UD Trucks:
    UD partner with our delivery team to deliver pallets to our metro customers. UD designed and built a custom truck in their Auckland workshop to meet the changing needs of CCA delivery in the tough, congested CBD delivery market. The design is proving successful, with the 14bay model now becoming a standard model at the UD factory in Japan.
  • Henkel:
    A partner with our manufacturing business for over nine years now, they know our adhesive requirements inside and out. Their innovative adhesive solutions and technology have resulted in reduced glue and energy consumption. 
  • DSV:
    DSV have been a supplier for more than 10 years. They provide freight forwarding services, helping us move and import raw materials and products from all over the world – to our Amatil sites.  They are also contracted to move our finished goods from Auckland to Christchurch. In November, last year the Kaikoura Earthquake struck which changed the domestic shipping and freight market to the South Island dramatically. Roads were blocked and the rail line was out which meant significant additional volumes had to be channelled through sea freight. DSV worked behind the scenes to leverage the DSV and Coca-Cola Amatil relationships to ensure our requirements were prioritised. DSV achieved 100% shipped as booked, which ensured continuity of supply, that was specifically critical to our business in the lead up to our peak summer season. 

Winner: DSV 

Supplier of the Year

  • PMA Global:
    PMA provide outstanding business support and always go above and beyond to ensure the compliance of our brands. They always strive to find the best solutions, often in tight timeframes with design challenges, dealing with customers, product launches, promotions and market visits. 
  • NZ Sugar:
    NZ Sugar goes above and beyond with proactive communication and worked closely with the Coca-Cola Amatil NZ team during the Keri Juice build, they have worked with our team to optimise the supply chain and assist with product development. The NZ Sugar team are always a pleasure to deal with and are real advocates of our brands and products.

Winner: PMA Global

Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners for 2017!