Engaged People: 6 lessons I'm taking into 2020

To fulfil our ambition of being a regional beverages powerhouse at Coca-Cola Amatil we need, and want, engaged people.

To fulfil our ambition of being a regional beverages powerhouse at Coca-Cola Amatil we need, and want, engaged people.

Engagement is a two-way deal. At Amatil, we’re fortunate to have driven and passionate team members who want to create moments of happiness and possibilities every day. As a business we need a safe, open, diverse and inclusive workplace where our people are energized by what we will achieve together by a strategy they believe in; and by a leadership style which values initiative and ownership and listening.

So, let’s listen! I asked a few of my peers at Coca-Cola Amatil about what keeps them engaged. Here is what they had to say:

1. Recognise the whole person

Anish Singh, Chief Engineer at Paradise Beverages

“There isn’t any one thing for me, as true engagement means feeling connected, and recognised, at any point in time. As a father of four great kids, a safe and flexible work culture is important. As a proud engineer I value the chance to be challenged, progress my thinking and skills, and implement new ideas that I can run with to the finishing line.” 

2. Reward responsible risk taking

Philipp Ursenbacher, Deputy Treasurer

“My advice would be that Amatil should never stop supporting new ideas! Our leaders need to encourage team members to follow through new and bright ideas. If the team members fail to achieve a result, so be it. The process itself is likely to provide new leads for the future.”

3. Good talent = good team mates

Melissa Phipson, People & Culture, Group Office

“My one piece of advice is to fill the organisation with people who create clarity, instil belief, are passionate and care about their work and people. These things send ripples through the organisation and I love coming to work when I’m surrounded by these types of people.”

4. Make work meaningful

Adlyn Nagwi, Head of Talent in Papua New Guinea

“Job satisfaction is what keeps me motivated and coming back every day with energy and gusto. In addition, working as a team and knowing you’re not alone with the support and collaboration of others creates a conducive environment for productivity.

5. Facilitate learning opportunities across the business

Jasper Spira, Emerging Technology Analyst, One Amatil IT

“Always having the opportunity to learn and challenge myself. I have found Amatil great for embracing the ‘new’ which naturally comes with fresh challenges. I love to learn new things, from grad-rotations to different IT projects. There’s rarely been a time where I’ve felt entirely complacent with my knowledge and that I have all the answers, but it means I’m always learning day to day. This sort of thing is what engages me daily and why I enjoy my role in Emerging Tech!”

6. Lead and listen

Neil Waka, Corporate Affairs Manager, New Zealand

“Having trust in the integrity of our leadership is vital, everything begins and ends with good leadership. It is a privilege to work in a highly engaged, diverse and inclusive environment where integrity and sustainability are highly valued. When I engage with politicians, Iwi, media, stakeholders I feel empowered to speak authentically and honestly about our values and the great work we do but also about our drive to do better every day. What keeps me here is being challenged by the smart, driven, incredible people around me every day and the constant need to be a better version of myself.”

That’s six great lessons I think anyone could learn from. My thanks to our team for being so open and sharing about what keeps them engaged. I am confident that together we will continue to make a difference – feeling our best and delivering our best every day.