Meet Josiah, District Sales Manager

Coca-Coala Amatil’s expansive distribution footprint means that even more Australians can enjoy our beverages every day, and our people can have strong careers across the entire country. Meet some of the team who have roles outside of the capital cities in regional and rural areas in Australia, offering both career experience and a unique lifestyle opportunity.

Tell us about your career path before joining Coca-Cola Amatil?

Prior to Amatil I’d worked in independent licensed retail chains for over 10 years, and then moved into managing supermarkets. So, I guess historically I was always on the buying side, and the move into FMCG sales was a logical next step.

I started my Amatil career in the Gold Coast, so it was a huge decision to later take on a remote community role and relocate my wife and two kids – but I’m so glad I did it as I love my job and the lifestyle it now allows me to have.

What do you like about working with the team at Amatil?

There are great people working at Amatil, particularly in sales, and the team structures are fantastic, offering plenty of support and development opportunities. Overall, it’s a great family orientated company that provides a good work life balance.

What does your role as District Sales Manager involve?

In the regions, we have what is called ‘hybrid District Sales Manager’ roles, which has a very different scope to someone in a similar role in the city. We cover all channels across the portfolio and work to identify opportunities to grow those customers across all the channels, as well as our own business. It’s a partnership approach, because if they grow, we grow!

Covering all sales channels is a real benefit to the regional roles – it means you get to gain experience and knowledge across all of them, and this is a great opportunity for further career development and progression within Amatil.

I invest a lot of time into coaching my team of four Business Development Executives. Between us we cover a massive footprint equivalent to the size of NSW, so there are many kilometres involved getting out to all our customers. Given the distance, the customers can be very different, so it’s important that we convey to each of them – whether it be an integrated bottle shop in a country hotel, or a corner store off a remote road in the bush – that we understand their business prior to trying to grow it.

How do the regional sales teams partner with the broader business?

The Alice Springs Team is positioned in the middle of Australia, which means we rely heavily on all the different teams for support throughout the business.  For example, we rely on Logistics and Equipment Services teams to get stock and equipment out to our remote communities quickly. The broader Sales teams and channel managers assist us and challenge our thinking along the way. The networking opportunities in a regional role - both externally in the remote communities, and internally with the broader business - are fantastic. I do feel like I am part of something much bigger.

What are your top three tips for being a positive role model at Amatil?
  • Always look at everything as opportunity. Opportunity to get better, learn from mistakes, and be part of a great team.
  • Challenge your traditional thinking. We don’t always have to do it the same way even if it is working. There may still be a better way.
  • Think about the individual. Whether it’s a customer that we are selling to or a team member that we work alongside, or someone in the National Call Centre that we have never met - slow down, take the time to reflect and value that person. Support them where you can and see how that can have such a positive result not just in them but also what you get back.
How will you enjoy your next annual leave day?

We will be traveling over to beautiful Agnes Water in Queensland, to camp out with the extended family and enjoy the surf, fishing and family.

What is your #OnlyAtAmatil moment and why did it make a difference to you?

Because of my role at Amatil, I have been very blessed to have seen some of the most remote parts of beautiful Australia. From Uluru to Kings Canyon and so many places around remote Australia that most people do not get the chance to see the beauty that our country offers. I feel very lucky.