Introducing Centrapay

Amatil X: Introducing Centrapay

In 2018, Coca-Cola Amatil launched Amatil X, our corporate venturing platform to power growth beyond the company's core business.

Amatil X supports start-ups and early stage businesses that have the potential to help our customers grow, offer new ways to deliver our beverages or sell to consumers, and reduce our impact on the environment.

In late 2019, we announced the establishment of the Amatil X Early Stage Venture Fund, a multimillion-dollar fund targeting early stage start-ups. Today, we’re introducing Centrapay to the Amatil X portfolio via this fund.

What is Centrapay?
Centrapay integrates with vending machines, payment terminals, Point of Sale systems and shopping carts to make emerging payment possibilities a reality.

For our consumers, this means that they can use Centrapay at any one of our nearly 2,000 vending machines (with more coming) by scanning Centrapay’s QR code payment sticker across New Zealand and Australia to pay in cryptocurrency or other digital assets via the Sylo Smart Wallet. 

For Amatil, the benefits are twofold. First, we benefit from the collaboration through vending as a redemption point and re-engaging the public with our vending offering. Second, we’ll learn how to distribute deals as digital assets at scale to consumers and drive them to our customers outlets.

What’s next?
To help consumers adopt and to better understand the benefits of Centrapay, we will tokenise assets (e.g. a free Coke or Sprite) and share those tokens with our partners. The tokens will be redeemable at our vending machines and participating merchants. This will help us learn how to use blockchain to move digital beverages between wallets to reward our consumers.

If we can tokenise a vend for use at a vending machine, we can tokenise a coffee, Coke and burger or beer and help our customers by driving people to their business for token redemption.

Want to learn more?
If you’re in New Zealand or Australia, download the Sylo Smart Wallet app and check it out! We’ll have more to share later.