Supporting WA customers to serve up great food

The recent lockdown didn’t stop Ali Baba & 40 Dishes from serving the best kebabs in Freo.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and supporting them to stay open and grow during a lockdown brings its own hurdles, but we are up for the challenge and so is Fremantle’s Ali Baba & 40 Dishes.
Located in a major tourist precinct, Ali Baba & 40 Dishes has been offering its customers the delights and aromas of its Turkish menu for Freo locals for years. The recent lockdown and restrictions didn’t stop them from serving ‘the best kebabs in Freo’.
The Coca-Cola Amatil team in Western Australia worked with Waad and his crew at Ali Baba & 40 Dishes to optimise their online platform with the help of the Amatil Aggregator portal, which has been supporting businesses across Australia to continue to operate during lockdowns and restrictions.
With COVID-19 restricting our customers’ ability to sell in person, ecommerce opportunities like aggregators are more crucial than ever. Providing resources to help our customers sell online and offer takeaway is an important way our sales teams are pivoting to ensure we’re able to support our customers when they need it most.
For Waad, owner of Ali Baba & 40 Dishes, said business was slow initially following the announcement of the lockdown, and now restrictions, but now they are operating through their online portals - “It’s business as usual on our online platforms!”
“Our online menu looks greats thanks to the help of Coca Cola Amatil. We now have upsells, images of our drinks range and Combos. We will work with Coca-Cola Amatil to optimise our other online menus,” Waad said.
For Emilie Davis, Business Development Executive, Food Service, Route and Leisure, Coca-Cola Amatil, this commendation from our customer reminds us that we are doing things right.
“Whether this is in-store or on-line. Now more than ever, more so now with Aggregators growing and the uncertainty of being able to go in and dine, we need to help activate our Customers digital Customer touch points. And we can do this. Really easily with our new Amatil Digital Portals.”
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