Celebrating Women in STEM – Meet Tracey

Meet Tracey - one of the team members we are profiling this International Women's Day.

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a day dedicate to recognising and celebrating the achievements of women, no matter their roles, and how they are helping to shape a more equal future.

At Coca-Cola Amatil, we are celebrating Amatil women across the business who are choosing to challenge for an inclusive world. 

Meet Tracey Lloyd, National Project Engineer, Network Optimisation. Tracey decided on Coca-Cola Amatil as a more appealing industry than the typical alternatives for a chemical engineer – i.e. mining, oil and gas and heavy industry.
For Tracey, Amatil offered her an opportunity to try a range of roles across Supply Chain before deciding on Project Engineering, but it also highlighted the need to make STEM roles more appealing for girls and women.
“Engineering in high school is often framed as a course in how to build things; while this is important, I think we need to extend the scope to current societal issues, including environmental and renewable energy engineering, and focusing on a broader range of skills including problem solving – then we can attract more girls and women into the industry.
“I believe showing potential career paths early on in school will help to attract a wider cohort into studying STEM in the first place.”
The key to encouraging more girls and women in the STEM industry over the coming years cannot rely on education alone. For Tracey, increased flexibility for everybody, regardless of gender or family structure, should be normalised to reduce the stigma around it.
“The last 12 month have shown that many roles can be done remotely and outside the standard work week hours. I think it’s worth retaining these practices, where possible, to foster a more inclusive work environment and be a point of different within the industry. By creating greater flexibility across all roles and extending these practices past primary and secondary caregivers, you can reduce the barriers to the participation of women in STEM and lower the obstacles to reemployment.”
We are proud to share Tracey’s story, and the stories of all women in Amatil, who are making tremendous strides within their careers, and choosing to do it at Coca-Cola Amatil.