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Australian Beverages

Australian Beverages

Australian Beverages

Our business

Our Australian Beverages business prepares, sells and distributes 30 non-alcoholic beverage brands to approximately 110,000 customers. In addition to the Coca-Cola family of products, our portfolio includes Sprite, Fanta, Lift, Kirks, Deep Spring, Mount Franklin, Pump, Powerade, Barista Bros, Fuze Tea, Keri Juice Blenders, Monster and Mother.

Headquartered in Sydney and with manufacturing and/or distribution facilities in every state, we have an unrivalled network and sales capability.

We directly employ approximately 3,000 people across Australia, the majority of whom are in sales, supply chain, production and warehousing. We operate nine production facilities and 11 warehouses across Australia.

Market overview

The non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverage industry in Australia is at a mature stage, increasingly fragmented and evolving rapidly, marked by consumers embracing new trends. Current themes shaping the industry include:

  • consumer demand trends and opp ortunities: healthier choices, value, convenience, innovation in packaging and reformulation, technology, environmental and social sustainability, and growth in ‘boutique’ brands
  • competition: intensified competition between beverage companies, and development of private label brands by retailers
  • changing trade environment: relationships with retailers, retail consolidation and growth, stronger non-traditional channels, technology
  • changing regulatory environment: container deposit schemes.

Our route-to-market model

We sell and distribute our products directly to customers through a segmented execution strategy that leverages consumer and customer insights to get the right portfolio in every outlet. We use a range of route-to-market models to maximise profitability across brand, pack and channel portfolios. In addition to our traditional sales teams, we utilise online selling platforms. We offer an efficient and tailor-made delivery service to our customers, working with logistics and transport providers.

Our channel segmentation

We have implemented a more tailored approach to channel segmentation to better recognise outlet characteristics and drivers. The segmentation process considers several elements including the ‘shopper mission’, customer type, consumer type and product range, tailoring customer service packages accordingly:

  • Retail
    • Grocery
    • Convenience & Petroleum
  • On-The-Go
    • State Immediate Consumption (state operational accounts, e.g. Takeaway Foodservice, Bakery, Mixed Business, Newsagents)
    • Restaurants & Cafés ‘RECA’ (e.g. mainstream cafés, specialty cafés, premium cafés, mainstream restaurants, contemporary restaurants and premium restaurants)
    • National On Premise (e.g. national accounts including Foodservice, Entertainment, Services and Accommodation)
    • Vending (e.g. Education, Retail and Public Transit vending machines)
    • Licensed (e.g. on premise, off premise and integrated venues).